US Cellular is the country’s fourth-largest carrier and is known for its innovative offers. If you’re willing to make the switch, you can usually save significant money. We’ve compiled a list of the top US cellular iPhone deals. If you’re serious about switching to US Cellular, you should look at the best US Cellular plans and phones. In the meantime, have a look at these possible Apple gadget savings.

    US Cellular sells a variety of smartphone brands, including LG, Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, and others. For the budget-conscious shopper, they have new releases from chosen companies as well as older models. US Cellular offers two payment options for their cell phones – RRP (pay the entire amount up front) and a 30-month installment plan. You’ll want to ensure you have coverage in your location before purchasing a US Cellular phone. Otherwise, you risk being lock into a service package you can’t use.

    Purchasing a new phone may be costly, especially when top devices like the iPhone XS Max exceed $1,000. Older phones are usually more economical and practical to buy upfront. The iPhone 7, for example, costs $450. Anyone wishing to make smaller, more affordable payments over a longer period might consider the 30-month payment plan. Because US Cellular does not impose interest on its cell phones, you will not spend more than the RRP in the long term.

    Best US Cellular iPhone Deals Right Now

    i) Get any iPhone smartphone free on US Cellular

    The headline offers from US Cellular is as straightforward as it is impressive. You can get any phone you want for the low price of $0. You must now sign up for 30 months of bill credits and leave the rest to US Cellular.

    The phone you get for free is determined by the plan you choose; however, it appears that no phone is excluded. For example, if you sign up for the $75 a month Unlimited Even Better Plan, you’ll get the 512GB edition of the brand-new Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max for free.

    us cellular iphone deals

    You can get a credit equal to the retail value of the smartphone if you sign up for an unlimited contract. If your application is approved, the monthly installments will be paid automatically based on the credit offered by the carrier and the number of installments you specified when you purchased the vehicle. On their website, US Cellular advertises this promotion as “$0 on us.”

    ii) Get $600 back when you bring your own iPhone

    If you want to make a move but don’t want to buy a phone, some US Cellular deals are still available. The essential component is saving money, and when you sign up, you can get $600 back in the form of bill credits. All you have to do now is double-check your iPhone’s IMEI number and join up for an unlimited plan.

    US Cellular will credit you $10 every month for the next 30 months, beginning within three cycles. To remain completely eligible, make sure you have autopay turned on.

    The amount you receive for switching is determine by the device you connect to the network. You can use the link to see how much your device will save you.

    iii) Get up to $600 when you trade-in your old iPhone

    If you haven’t already, trading in an old phone should become a habit. You may save hundreds of dollars annually and always have the most up-to-date technology from companies like Apple. While this isn’t the best trade-in bargain we’ve seen, if you’re committed to staying with US Cellular, it’s worth keeping an eye on when it’s time to upgrade.

    US Cellular iPad Deals

    Receive Up To $300 Off Tablets

    This offer needs a 36-month installment contract, an unlimited tablet plan, and paperless billing when purchasing an iPad. However, the $300 credit on this offer is divided into 36 monthly bill credits, albeit this varies depending on the chosen device.

    The iPad 9th Generation will receive a $150 credit. Furthermore, all iPad or Samsung Tablet models will receive a credit equal to the device’s MSRP or $300, whichever is less.

    Does US Cellular Offer BOGO Promotions On iPhones

    Carriers frequently provide two phones as part of a promotion. The first is paid for every month, while the second is provided free when you add a new line of service to your account. Of course, the second line comes with its own set of expenses. You’ll have to pay more each month for that line’s service, which is to be expected.

    However, when I went to the US cellular website to see whether they had any iPhone deals, I noticed that they didn’t have any BOGO offers. We’ll let you know as soon as we find any BOGO specials on their website.

    Are US Cellular Free iPhones Really Free

    It’s difficult, but the answer is almost certainly “No” at the end of the day. You must either give up something you already own, like your current smartphone, or sign up for a monthly plan that may be excessive for your specific needs.

    Any adjustments you make could imperil your monthly credits, which means you’ll owe your carrier the remaining debt to cover the cost of the phone, depending on the installment plan a promotion needs.

    Bottom Line

    That’s about it for the top US Cellular iPhone deals right now, but we’ll keep updating the list when new ones become available. Thanks to the company’s US Cellular iPhone discounts for existing customers, you can get your desired iPhone for free.

    In addition, you can get a discount on various phones by adding a service line, which is paid in monthly installments. Customers who switch to US Cellular, on the other hand, can take advantage of fantastic iPhone deals and discounts.