If you are wondering who owns AT&T wireless or what AT&T wireless is all about, this article summarizes all you need to know about the organization to make an informed decision. However, before we dive into the main issue, let’s look at the company to understand what it is all about. 

    AT&T wireless is among the top cellular service providers in the US that is powered by AT&T Mobile LLC, a subsidiary of AT&T, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, United States. It is quick and easy to set up and is well known for providing fast and reliable internet. It has a stream saver technology that enables users to save cellular data by streaming high-definition videos at a standard definition.

    AT&T wireless brings the full power of the internet to mobile. It’s backed by a reliable network that provides mobility and excellent coverage at a generally excellent speed. In addition, AT&T maintains thousands of wireless hotspots throughout the country to which customers can connect for free with an AT&T subscription.

    Who owns AT&T Wireless

    AT&T is owned and controlled by AT&T inc., an American telecommunication company that provides wireless networks, cell phones, digital TV, internet, and landline telecommunication services to customers worldwide. Currently, the company is led by John T. Stankey as AT&T’s CEO and board member of AT&T.  

    Who owns AT&T Wireless

    AT&T wireless, formerly part of AT&T corps, was a wireless telephone carrier founded in 1987 in the US. However, in October 2004, the carrier was acquired by Cingular Wireless, a joint venture of SBC Communications and BellSouth, to form the largest wireless carrier in the US at the time. It was not until later, in November 2006, that AT&T corporation acquired back the carrier to become the owner of AT&T wireless.

    What is AT&T wireless

    AT&T wireless is one of the primary and leading network providers of wireless telecommunication and data services for consumers and businesses in the US. The company serves about 99% of the US population based on the territories covered by its licenses. Currently, it serves more than 20 million subscribers. Through AT&T wireless World Connect service, subscribers can expect services in more than 100 countries in the Americas, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

    The carrier’s cell phone plans allow subscribers to choose between limited and unlimited data, with its $50 4GB and its $65 and-up AT&T unlimited plans. AT&T sells three different tiers of unlimited plans, from the $65 starters to $85 unlimited elite. Paying more gets you such upgrades as more mobile hotspot data to share with nearby devices via Wi-Fi and higher-resolution video streaming.

    These service plans come with the carrier’s extensive 4G network, whereas it reserves 5G for unlimited data subscribers. In addition, the company also sells prepaid services that can provide substantial savings over its postpaid plans. The cheapest is 5GB for $30/month, 8GB for $25/month and $15GB Plan for $40/month.

    Bottom line

    AT&T wireless is among the most extensive network providers in the US that is powered by AT&T Mobile LLC. The company is owned and controlled by AT&T communication inc, a telecommunication company that offers wireless networks, cellphones, internet, and landline telecommunication services to customers worldwide. AT&T Wireless offers a variety of affordable phone plans with a fast speed, extensive 4G, and a 5G network.