It’s no secret that the world of wireless network operators is extremely competitive. When you need a cell phone that’s especially useful for any program, Assurance Wireless is a great choice. Members of this wireless service provider get several affordable plans to choose from. These plans are highly packed with helpful benefits that can save you money and time in the long term.

    If you’re considering signing up, you might be wondering what network does Assurance Wireless use. That will depend on which plan you choose. It’s essential to assess your needs as an individual or small business owner before committing to one or the other. Here’s a brief look at both plans, along with information about what network does Assurance Wireless use.

    What Network does Assurance Wireless Use

    Assurance Wireless is known as one of the best Lifeline providers. The company was founded in 2009 and it focuses on serving the qualified people services and also offer their users Assurance free government phones. Assurance Wireless has switched to various networks in the past. But since December 2020, Assurance has started using the T-Mobile network.

    T-Mobile is one of the best signal towers in the United States. There are also many other providers who use their network. T-Mobile has the most upgraded towers depending on their information. They also have a wide network of coverage available across the country. This can enable the Assurance Wireless users to stay in touch with loved ones and business contacts.

    Plans for Assurance Wireless

    There are two types of plans are available in Assurance Wireless. One is Data Plan and the other is Prepaid Plan. Both of the plans are mentioned below – 

    Data Plans

    • 100MB – Price $1 – 30 days Validity
    • 500MB – Price $3 – 30 days Validity
    • 1GB – Price $5 – 30 days Validity
    • 2GB – Price $10 – 30 days Validity
    • 4GB – Price $20 – 30 days Validity
    • 5GB – Price $30 – 30 days Validity

    Prepaid Plans

    • Assurance Wireless Top-Up $5
    • Assurance Wireless Top-Up $10
    • Assurance Wireless Top-Up $15
    • Assurance Wireless Top-Up $20

    Assurance Wireless Pros and Cons

    Despite having some benefits, Assurance Wireless also has some downsides. Both of these are discussed below –


    • Comes with a lot of free offers like free calls of 350 minutes, free data of 500MB and a free cell phone.
    • Offers credit at a much lower price. It’ll cost you nearly $5 and an additional 250 minutes.
    • Easy upgrade methods. Customers don’t need to wait a long time for upgrade.


    • Limited cell phone choices and you can only use the phones of Virgin Mobile.
    • The program’s availability is limited.

    Final Verdict

    Assurance Wireless makes it easy for you to connect to an affordable cell phone service. The program is specifically designed for people who qualify for government assistance. Also, makes it easy for you to connect to an affordable cell phone plan. You don’t have to pay for your service upfront. Instead, you can use the money you receive from the government to pay for your cell service.