As a mobile phone user, you may forget your sim card pin and lock the sim card; however, read this article to learn how to unlock access wireless sim card. It is necessary to understand what a sim card is. Security is integrated into Subscriber Identity Modules (SIM Cards) to prevent unauthorised usage of the phone number.

    This might be as simple as the factory default four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) code “0000,” or it can be a more complex four- to eight-digit code specified by the user. It’s not always set, and the Subscriber Identity Module can be hot-swapped from phone to phone without inputting a PIN.

    However, a Personal Unblocking Key (PUK Code) will always be present on the Subscriber Identity Modules. Each Subscriber Identity Modules has its PUK Code, established at the factory. You can use this code to unlock a SIM card if you don’t know the PIN. When you lock your sim card, it’s critical to have your PUK code handy as a security measure.

    How to Unlock Access Wireless Sim Card

    As previously stated, the PUK number is required to unlock your subscriber identity module. Mobile phone users frequently forget the plate containing the Subscriber Identity Module and the PUK. Worry no more with Access Wireless because if you don’t know your sim card PUK number, the company will show you how to unlock your Subscriber Identity Module in the most straightforward method possible, as seen below:

    • To obtain the PUK Code, contact Access Wireless customer care service, representatives. The carrier keeps track of the PUK Code at all times. Calling the carrier—often for free phone—or registering your credentials and SIM card on the carrier’s website and obtaining the PUK code may be easier.
    • Use the phone to try to unlock the SIM card. Three times, enter a four-digit sequence. It makes no difference which digits you use. You’ve made the Subscriber Identity Modules request the PUK code, which unlocks all subscriber identity modules.
    • When the phone prompts you, enter the PUK code.
    • When the phone prompts you, enter a new PIN of your choice. To double-check your entry, enter the PIN again.
    • Restart the phone by turning it off and then on again. Then type in your new PIN code. The Subscriber Identity Module will be unlocked, and you can now access the carrier’s services.

    Bottom Line

    You won’t be able to use Access Wireless services if your SIM card is locked. If you enter an incorrect PIN three times, your phone’ Subscriber Identity Module will be locked. You’ll need the Subscriber Identity Module’s unique unlock key, PIN unblocking key, to unlock it. It’s worth noting that entering the wrong unlock critical 10 times will permanently lock your subscriber identity module. You’ll have to buy a new Subscriber Identity Modules because of this.