Who Owns Assurance Wireless & What Is Assurance Wireless

So, who owns Assurance wireless, and what is Assurance wireless? To determine the answer to these questions, read this article and learn about the company. A phone user may be interested to know more about this as they might have heard about the excellent services that Assurance wireless provides. It’s critical to grasp how the enterprise runs before plunging into its ownership. 

The Assurance Wireless offer includes a free phone, free monthly data, unlimited messaging, and free monthly minutes for low-income persons who qualify. Users are not sent a bill, are not asked to sign a contract, and are not charged any activation or recurring costs. Furthermore, it is one of the two leading free mobile phone providers in the US that provides the best services.

Users of the wireless service benefit from quick downloads, T-Mobile Network coverage, and other features. You can buy 250 additional voice minutes for $5, more voice minutes for $10 each, or choose from our low-cost plans if you need more minutes. Additionally, you can obtain extra phone plan deals ranging from $15 to $40.

Who Owns Assurance Wireless

Who Owns Assurance Wireless

Tom Bilotta founded the corporation, and John Goocher is the current president and CEO. The company’s headquarters are in Warren, New Jersey. It is a wireless mobile service company that operates under T-Mobile. As a result, T-Mobile is the company’s owner.

What Is Assurance Wireless

Assurance wireless is a phone service provider financed by the federal Lifeline Assistance program. This government subsidy program aims to provide the best mobile phone services to eligible low-income individuals. Eligible customers get access to free high-speed internet access and phone plans for free plus extra plans at an affordable price. Subscribers can use the service for one year, whereby a year, they can renew their subscription if still eligible.

The wireless service provider offers unlimited data, texting, and calling, in addition to a free 10GB monthly mobile hotspot data. New users will also get a free Android smartphone, Scam Shield with free Scam ID, Scam Block, and Caller ID. 

Only low-income families are eligible for the lifeline support program. As a result, those who meet federal or state-specific qualifying conditions are eligible to enroll. Therefore, eligibility is within your household income or participation in public assistance programs, such as Medicaid, Comprehensive Nutrition Assistance Program, Supplemental Security Income, Federal Public Housing Assistance, and others, may qualify you.

Bottom Line 

Assurance Wireless is one of the few wireless providers in the United States that offers free network service from the country’s top carriers. T-Mobile is the brand name under which the corporation operates. Customers benefit from various services, including nationwide connections, high-speed internet, and free and low-cost phone plans. Assurance Wireless is the best option for you if you are struggling to get the best mobile phone services due to financial problems.