What Carrier does US Mobile use

US Mobile is a popular Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the United States. The carrier does not own any cell phone towers. Therefore, it leases and uses network towers for another existing carrier. So, what carrier does US Mobile use? We have explained that in this article, which helps you understand more about US Mobile.

The carrier mainly offers phone services which include prepaid cell phone plans. These services are low-cost and hence are affordable for most US residents. When acquiring these plans, they don’t require contracts or commitments. You can get talk and text plans and data plans, and also you can build your own plan to create a custom plan.

US Mobile network is much more reliable, as seen from its coverage. To use its services, you require a compatible device with the network. The network that US Mobile operates with depends on the Carrier it uses. This one also helps you know the type of phone you require when switching to US Mobile’s network with your current phone.

What Carrier does US Mobile use

What Carrier does US Mobile use

US Mobile uses towers from T-Mobile and Verizon as its parent carriers. Therefore, its customers can experience a nationwide network per these parent carriers’ coverage. Notably, T-Mobile and Verizon are among the primary network provider in the US. US Mobile customers access a stable 4G LTE network and the 5G network on enabled devices.

If you wish to join US Mobile, you should check if the network is available in your area. It has a coverage map on its website that you can use to zoom in to your location or enter your area’s ZIP code to check. After that, you can make a switch and enjoy the stable connectivity from T-Mobile and Verizon towers.

Is US Mobile GSM or CDMA

As stated above, US Mobile partners with T-Mobile, which use the GSM network technology, and Verizon, which uses the CDMA network technology. Therefore, US Mobile is compatible with both networks. If you have a GSM or CDMA phone, you can switch to US Mobile network. Notably, US Mobile allows new customers to join with their own phones. Most of the latest phones are compatible with US Mobile network as they are GSM compatible.

Is US Mobile a reliable carrier

If you considered the offers that you would enjoy by using US Mobile, it would be enough to convince you to switch to it. The benefits include;

  • Affordable phone plans start from as low as $12 for the data plans.
  • Fast internet connectivity of 4G LTE and 5G speeds
  • Great phone deals on its website
  • Great coverage country-wide from TY-Mobile and Verizon towers
  • You can maintain your current phone and number

Bottom line

US Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Provider in the US that specializes in cell phone services. Being an MVNO, it leases services from T-Mobile and Verizon and thus uses the two leading provider’s network towers to offer its services. Its customers experience a stable nationwide network of 4G LTE and 5G on enabled phones. US Mobile is compatible with GSM and CDMA networks.