Can TextNow be traced

If you are a TextNow user, do you know if TextNow can be traced? Worry not, as this article will feed you with the information you need to know whether your privacy is guaranteed or not when using TextNow. However, before that, let’s find out what TextNow is and the services they offer to make it worth the effort. 

TextNow represents US online phone service without phone bills where users can call and text using cell phones anywhere in North America for free. This service turns Wi-Fi-connected devices into a phone with its phone number. Users, however, need to sign up for the free phone number and make free unlimited domestic calls.

TextNow is an application that offers a suitable medium and platform for communication. Using Wi-Fi, users can purchase any gadget and convert it into a telephone with a personalised phone number. Moreover, TextNow enables you to make a fee connection with any advertisements with a personal phone number. However, the device must be compatible with the sprint network.

Can TextNow be traced

If you are receiving spam calls and text messages on TextNow and wish to know the user behind it, there is a formal procedure for that. But based on the unique privacy settings, TextNow does not reveal the identity of the users. Therefore it is challenging to identify the primary user of a number. 

TextNow can be traced back to your cell phone, but the only information someone can get is the general area location if you had not turned off the location service on your device. However, police can get additional information such as e-mail, name, and IP addresses. That said, you do not have to worry about your privacy being exposed unless you choose to share it.

TextNow is an excellent free US calling VOIP service. The application is equipped with an end-end inscription phone service within the app. It allows users to send and receive multimedia messages, make calls and connect with Wi-Fi without their privacy being compromised easily.

How can you trace numbers on TextNow

To trace numbers on TextNow, you can use the service or You will go to the website, write the TextNow number, and trace. The precise location is hard to track, but the TextNow IP address follows your general area. However, you can get the phone number location if the user wants to share it with you.

Bottom line

TextNow is essentially an end-end phone service that is contained in an app. The service allows users to get free texts and free calls over Wi-Fi; thus, they do not have to pay for the calls. The application can be traced back to your phone even though they would only get the general area location. However, the police can access additional information such as e-mail, name, and IP address.