Can I Buy My Own Modem for CenturyLink

Did you know that most internet service providers (ISPs) lease their modems to new customers? This means that when you sign up with your ISP, you must return the modem to them at the end of your contract. If you choose to stay with the same company and upgrade your services, they will likely provide you with a new modem once again.

However, many people prefer to remain with the same provider but switch to a different package with more features, such as faster speeds or more data cap space. In this case, buying your own modem can save you money in the long run and other benefits. In this overview, you’ll get to know can you buy your own modem for CenturyLink.

What is a Modem

Can I Buy My Own Modem for CenturyLink

A modem is a hardware that connects to broadband network, a computer or wireless router. Modem is a seamless process of two-way network communication where it converts the information between digital and analogue formats. A modem is necessary for passing data between two devices, such as your computer and your internet service Provider.

A modem is often confused with a router, though they serve different functions. A router is used to connect multiple devices to the internet through a single internet connection. A modem is the device that translates data into a form that can be transmitted over a network.

Can I Buy My Own Modem for CenturyLink

Yes, this is possible. By chatting with the CenturyLink Customer Care Service, You can switch from your plan of the leased modem to a purchased modem. After chatting with the customer care, a new modem will be sent to your address. You need to complete the steps required to install the new modem. Then, you have to return the old one.

Choosing to buy your own modem can provide several benefits, including lower monthly bills and greater device compatibility. Modems are available for purchase at a wide variety of retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon.

How to Install Your Own Modem for CenturyLink

It is easy to install the modem for CenturyLink. You just need to follow the process below –

  • First, you need to connect a black power cord to your modem of CenturyLink and plug it to an outlet.
  • Then the power light will begin to blink and when it’s lit, you can go to the next step.
  • You need to connect the green cable with the modem’s port labeled “DSL” and plug in the other end to a phone jack which is close to your computer.
  • When the modem’s DSL light stops blinking, you can go to the next step.
  • After that, connect the Ethernet cable that is yellow to your modem and plug in the other end into your computer’s Ethernet port. The modem’s Ethernet indicator should start lighting up.
  • Open a web page from your computer and you’ll be automatically directed to the internet setup page of CenturyLink. Then you have to visit
  • Finally, set up your Wi-Fi connection of CenturyLink and locate the network’s name and password on your modem’s back side. That’s it. The installation process is complete and you’re ready to go.

Final Words

The modem is the connection that your devices make to access the internet. When you sign up for internet service, you will likely be provided with a modem, but you are not allowed to keep it at the end of your contract. Modems vary in price, capacity, and compatibility. If you decide to purchase your own modem, make sure it can handle your internet speed and is compatible with your internet provider.