What Towers does US Cellular Use

In the United States, wireless service providers often have exclusive rights to cell towers in specific markets. Each provider has its own cell tower antenna it uses, making it easy to tell what towers a given carrier uses just by looking at nearby antennas. If you’re interested in cellular communications and want to understand more about these towers, this article is for you. Here, we’ll discuss towers used by major carriers like US Cellular.

Cell towers are used to transmit cell signals from one location to another. US Cellular is a regional wireless carrier based in the United States. It provides cellular service in more than 23 states and primarily serves smaller markets. In this overview, we will focus on what towers does US Cellular use.

What is a Cell Tower

What Towers does US Cellular Use

A cell tower is a cellular enabled mobile device site where the electric communications equipment and antennas are placed. Generating a cell in a cellular network is usually placed on a tower, radion mast or other raised structure. Cell towers are the backbone of the cellular network, allowing people to make calls, send texts, and access data from anywhere in the country.

Nowadays, there are more than 150K cell towers in the United States. These towers come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common ones are between 49 feet and 115 feet tall. These towers operate in the public section of the electromagnetic spectrum, meaning anyone can build them as long as they follow government regulations.

How Do Cell Towers Work

There are four different types of towers which is used to transmit cellular signals. An icon often appears on your phone’s signal bars to tell you which tower is being used to service your calls and data. A cell tower operates its service in a formal process.

When you use a US Cellular cell phone, the tower transmits an electromagnetic radio wave which is called a radio frequency. Then, the antenna of the nearest cell tower receives that radio frequency. After receiving the signal, the cell tower transmit this signal to a switching center. If your phone is nearby but can’t connect to a cell tower, it will try to find another tower that it can connect to.

What Towers does US Cellular use

If you want to know which cell towers US Cellular uses, you can find that information by looking closely at the antennas near you. US Cellular uses the towers of the Verizon Wireless to provide its service to the consumer. Having headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, US Cellular connects with Verizon with a view to get the highest quality coverage.

US Cellular uses the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network technology to serve the users. The primary network of US Cellular only covers a fraction of the whole country, whereas Verizon Wireless has coverage of 70% of the United States. As US Cellular tied with Verizon Wireless, the customers of US Cellular can get some particular advantages from Verizon’s coverage.

Final Words

Cell towers are everywhere, so it’s important to know what types of towers are near you. If you use the information in this discussion, you’ll be able to identify cell towers just by looking at them. Knowing what types of towers are near you can help you better understand your local wireless network and how it works.