What Phones Are Compatible With Walmart Family Mobile

If you wish to switch to Walmart Family Mobile, you must have a phone that can work well with the carrier’s network. Therefore, what phones are compatible with Walmart Family Mobile? This article explains more about these phones and the phones you can get from Walmart Family Mobile, among other related facets.

When you such a phone, you can acquire and use Walmart Family Mobile services easily. But before that, what is Walmart Family Mobile? It is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the US, owned by TracFone Wireless. The carrier offers phone services, including phone plans, at affordable prices. You can also get a new device from the carrier’s online store on its website and also from Walmart’s store.

Walmart Family Mobile uses the T-Mobile network to offer its services. Therefore, the carrier has nationwide and stable GSM network coverage from T-Mobile. Its customers enjoy the 4G LTE and 5G networks on the enabled Walmart Family Mobile phones. You can join the carrier with your current phone if only it is compatible and unlocked. So, what phones can you use with Walmart Family Mobile?

What phones are compatible with Walmart Family Mobile

What Phones Are Compatible With Walmart Family Mobile

As stated above, Walmart Family Mobile is a GSM carrier from the T-Mobile network. Therefore, any GSM-compatible phone is compatible with the carrier’s network. The phone should also be unlocked hence not toed to any carrier. To keep your current phone, you should ensure it is compatible. Additionally, when purchasing a new device to use with the Family Mobile network, ensure it is GSM compatible.

Notably, most of the latest phones are GSM compatible since most phone companies use this network technology worldwide. Therefore, devices from brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, and LG, among others. However, if you are using an older model, you should consider checking its compatibility before switching. You must also ensure that the phone is unlocked from your previous carrier.

How do you check if your phone is compatible with the Walmart Family Mobile network?

The carrier allows new customers to maintain their current phones when switching through the BYOP program. Therefore, they can save on the cost of buying a new one. If you wish to check your phone’s compatibility, you must visit Walmart Family Mobile’s store. The carrier has a compatibility checker on its website. You will enter your phone’s IMEI number in the search box to confirm.

You can also text BYOP to 611611 to confirm the compatibility. After that, you need to buy a keep your own phone SIM Activation Kit, pick a plan, and activate the phone. The phone should be unlocked from your previous carrier to work well with the BYOP plan.

Bottom line

Walmart Family Mobile is an American MVNO from TracFone Wireless. It uses the nationwide T-Mobile’s GSM network. Therefore, if a phone is compatible with the GSM network, it can work well with the Walmart Family Mobile network. If you wish to maintain your current, you can check its compatibility from the compatibility checker on the carrier’s website.