What Network Does Safelink Wireless Use

Have you been looking at what network Safelink Wireless use? This text will help uncover that. However, we first need to know what the company is all about. Safelink wireless is a cellphone company owned by Tracfone wireless and offers wireless phone services. It is one of the lifeline providers that help all eligible low-income individuals access phone services.

The Safelink wireless plan offers 250 free monthly minutes to each of its wireless customers. The minutes can be used for all calls, local and long-distance, and text messaging. This no-contract plan has no credit check required and no hidden fees. The 250 minutes are readily available each month services are immediately disabled when the minutes are exhausted to avoid overage fees. Customers can purchase additional minutes whenever they need them. 

Safelink wireless customers are issued cell phones through Tracfone wireless prepaid cell phone company. The company offers phones from several retailers, including Nokia, Motorola, LG, and Kyocera. The type of phone customers get depends on where in the country they live and which minute plan they choose.

What network does Safelink wireless use

Safelink Wireless is owned by TracFone Wireless, which uses networks from the three major providers in the US; AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Therefore, Safelink uses the networks from these three leading providers. However, it is tuned to a specific network and can only connect to one of those networks at a time.

What network does Safelink wireless use

Safelink customers thus enjoy extensive nationwide network coverage from the major carriers. The carrier is compatible with GSM and CDMA networks, depending on which network towers you are accessing. You can thus enjoy a nationwide 4G LTE and 5G network. You can also keep your number when switching to Safelink from other carriers after receiving your phone or SIM.

The company also has the bring your phone (BYOB) plan. However, you must have a compatible or unlocked GSM phone to participate in the Safelink keep your smartphone plan. If you have a compatible phone and qualify for Safelink service, they will mail you a free SIM card so you can use your current phone to receive the lifeline discount.

Is Safelink Wireless a good phone service provider

Safelink Wireless focuses on benefiting low-income families and or those within the lifeline program. If you are eligible but worried about whether Safelink Wireless is reliable, then you can take a look at the benefits that you would accrue by using it as highlighted below;

  • No contract plans
  • 4G LTE and 5G network
  • Countrywide coverage
  • You can keep your own phone and number
  • Free 250 monthly minutes for all eligible residents for the lifeline program

Bottom line

Safelink Wireless is a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless and offers free phone services through the federal-lifeline assistance program. Since Tracfone has an agreement with other major US carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon), Safelink Wireless also uses the networks from these three providers. Therefore, it is compatible with the GSM and CDMA networks.