What Carrier does Spectrum Mobile Use

When it comes to mobile service providers, there are quite a few to choose from. In fact, most people probably don’t even know about some of them. That is why when it comes time to choose which one is going to be your primary service provider, the process can be complex. What carrier does Spectrum Mobile use? Spectrum Mobile is a mobile virtual operator that operates on other carrier networks.

That makes it a bit different from most other wireless carriers, but Spectrum Mobile remains committed to bringing customers great deals on high-quality phone service. The operating system of Spectrum Mobile mostly depends on the carrier they use. In this overview, we will focus on what carrier does Spectrum Mobile Use.

What is Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum Mobile is a mobile virtual operator that provides wireless service on other carriers’ networks. It is a subsidiary of Charter Communications, using the network of Verizon nationwide provider. Being launched in 2018, Spectrum utilized both 4G and the new 5G network.

What Carrier does Spectrum Mobile Use

Spectrum Mobile provides a wide range of wireless services, including Spectrum Unlimited plans where the customers can start unlimited plans only for $29.99. The headquarter of this company is based in Stamford, Connecticut and the prepaid plans include Unlimited Talk and Text, plus data. When comparing carriers, it’s important to look at what phones each network can provide.

What Carriers Does Spectrum Mobile Use

Basically, Spectrum Mobile doesn’t depend on its own network to serve the customers. Instead, it uses the cell phone towers of Verizon Wireless to provide the service. As Verison is the largest nationwide network and offers 4G LTE coverage even in the rural areas, you can enjoy access to a wider variety of devices.

The best plan for each person will depend on what they’re looking for. In addition to selecting from a wider variety of devices, MVNOs like Spectrum Mobile can provide you with a lower monthly cost thanks to their simplified infrastructure. You may not see the difference in your monthly bill, but the savings will add up over time.

Things to know before Signing Up for Spectrum Mobile

You should be informed of some things before you sign up for Spectrum Mobile. These things are mentioned below in detail.

i) Network Coverage : Being an MVNO, Spectrum Mobile connects with Verizon to provide the customers nationwide unlimited access to 4G LTE and 5G network. Customers can access this by connecting to the Spectrum’s Wi-Fi hotspot.

ii) Plans & Pricing: Spectrum Mobile’s plans come in three categories. By the Gig for $14/GB per month, Unlimited for $45/line per month and Unlimited Plus for $55/line per month. All of these plans provide unlimited talk & text. You will get 30GB of premium data on Unlimited Plus.

iii) Phone Selection: Spectrum Mobile has the opportunity to bring your own phone. You can use several phones in that service like Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, Google Pixel and LG.

iv) Eligibility Requirement: Everyone isn’t eligible to use Spectrum Mobile. To become eligible, you should use the Spectrum internet service, meet the credit requirements and sign up for autopay.

v) Customer Service: There are two ways available to contact Spectrum Mobile Customer Service if you want to sign up or know about their service. You can contact (833) 224-6603 from your phone or can go to a nearby Spectrum Mobile store.

Bottom Line

Although Spectrum Mobile’s network is not as extensive as that of bigger carriers, it’s still a good choice for many people. It’s a good idea to compare different carriers and their networks to find the one that’s right for your needs. When it comes to choosing which network is suitable for you, there are a few essential things you need to remember.