Why Is Consumer Cellular So Cheap

The mobile phone market is saturated, with an abundance of options for consumers. Carriers are also increasingly competing on price by introducing aggressive new offers and promotions to gain market share. This ruthless, cutthroat competition has been highly beneficial for consumers; the cost of mobile services has dropped substantially in recent years.

However, not all carriers have reacted to the changing landscape similarly. While some have introduced cheap plans with fewer benefits and smaller networks, others like Consumer Cellular have taken a different approach by providing a minimalist service at a highly affordable price. In this overview, we’ll take a deeper look at why Consumer Cellular offers service at such a cheap price.

What is Consumer Cellular?

Why Is Consumer Cellular So Cheap

Consumer Cellular is a mobile service provider that primarily targets senior citizens and other individuals who want basic cellular service at a cheap price. Being founded in 1995, the service of Consumer Cellular can save your valuable money by using low monthly cell phone plans. Consumer Cellular operates using the networks of two major carriers – T-Mobile and AT&T.

The company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and provides a particular advantage for AARP members. As a cheap cellular service provider, Consumer Cellular mainly offers low-cost plans with limited data and few other benefits. You can add a family member to your account of Consumer Cellular at only $10/month.

Why Is Consumer Cellular So Cheap?

Consumer Cellular is a low-cost provider that aims to provide basic cellular service at a cheap price. The reason behind providing their service at a cheap price are –

  • Consumer Cellular don’t have enough cost to create its own network. As a result, they borrow networks from big companies.
  • Basically, Consumer Cellular don’t keep a highly expensive mobile device in their monthly payments system. Purchasing the phone is handled individually.
  • Comparatively, most of the users of Consumer Cellular uses low data plan. The high data users join the largest companies.
  • The company offers lower price plans for the customers. These plans are like $5, $10, $20, $30 and more.

What are the limitations of Consumer Cellular?

Despite having some good benefits, you will find some limitations when using Consumer Cellular. Limitations that you’ll get are mentioned below – 

  • There’s no prepaid option exists in this provider. It would have been good if there was any prepay option.
  • Consumer Cellular don’t offer any family plans. Instead, it provides the option to add family member to the account.
  • The Consumer flip phones and Consumer smartphones prices for $50 or less. But most of the models are updated & limited when you use the functionalities.
  • Consumer Cellular basically targets to older citizens, but they lack the feature of medical alert.
  • Many of the Consumer Cellular customers report that they unable to return the cell phone although they maintain the original condition.

Final Words

Consumer Cellular is a low-cost provider that aims to provide basic cellular service at a cheap price. The company offers basic plans with limited data that can be used while roaming. However, Consumer Cellular doesn’t have the same level of coverage as most major carriers.