Prepaid phone providers come in various ways, depending on whether you want to personalize your plan or locate something for the whole family. Prepaid carriers now provide plans with the same data as the big three but at a lower cost. Visible should be one of the first providers you look into if you have excellent Verizon coverage. As a result, the primary concern of this article is the Visible phone plan review.

    Visible is a Verizon prepaid phone service that has abandoned analog connectivity in favor of a single plan. Visible was launched by the telecoms business to offer clients an unlimited, low-cost choice with no annual obligation. Visible used to have strict speed constraints, but now it delivers the full Verizon network speed as long as the tower isn’t busy. Visible has also added several new features to reduce the service’s cost and make it easier to sign up for and utilize.

    Visible’s coverage is provided via Verizon’s LTE and countrywide 5G networks, with no 3G or roaming alternatives. This shouldn’t be a problem for most people, given the extent of Verizon’s network. On the other hand, Visible is an attractive alternative for a heavy data user looking to save money on phone service.

    Visible Unlimited Cell Phone Plan Review

    visible phone plan

    Visible only has one wireless plan, but it’s one of the best-prepaid plans on the market right now, which is fortunate for all of us. For a monthly subscription of $40, you’ll get an unlimited call, text, and 5G data when available, with no contracts or hidden fees.

     The Visible phone plan is impressive in terms of convenience and pricing. The carrier’s new Party Pay feature also allows you to establish a group with any other visible subscriber to receive a line discount. You may be spending as little as $25 each month.

    While Visible provides unlimited data, it only offers one plan, so people who do not want unlimited data may want to consider another cell phone operator. Furthermore, even though internet usage is unlimited, there may be occasions when data speed is reduced due to network congestion.


    • Unlimited data
    • Party Pay Plan can reduce costs
    • Straightforward plan


    • Only one plan option
    • Inability to customize group plans
    • Deprioritization

    Visible wireless plan pricing explained

    You get what you see with Visible, as the name implies. Unlike other prepaid carriers, Visible Wireless plans have no hidden fees or levies; you pay the monthly baseline rate of up to $40 to receive a month of service.

    Unlike its parent firm Verizon, Visible Wireless services do not include long-term service contracts. All you have to do is set up a payment option that works for you in the Visible app and pay at the start of each month. If you wish to cease receiving service, stop paying and replace your unlocked phone’s SIM card.

    While Visible Wireless plans have a base fee of $40 per month, there are a few ways to reduce that cost even more. For example, Visible Party Pay is a relatively new option that allows you to group your account with other Visible customers to obtain a discount on each line. You don’t have to be related to use this option, and if you have a four-person party, you will pay only $25 a month. Each person is also billed separately, making it incredibly convenient to save money.  

    Another method to save money is to join Visible’s refer-a-friend program, which gives you a month of service for only $5 for each new customer you refer. Customers who refer friends and relatives to the referral program receive a $5 credit, which can be applied to their next billing period.

    After the first three payments, Visible is offering a virtual gift card worth up to $200. Michaels, Target, and other retailers are among the gift card alternatives. You can also get free headphones depending on the device you choose.

    What’s included in the Visible Unlimited Cell Phone Plan?

    Despite being significantly less expensive than many competing post-pay choices, the Visible Wireless plan offers several advantages. These are some of them:

    • Unlimited data, minutes, and text
    • 5G speeds nationally
    • Free calling and texting to Mexico and Canada
    • Mobile hotspot with unlimited data to one device (5mbps)
    • Party Pay savings
    • Wi-Fi calling

    Unlike some plans, unlimited data is genuinely unlimited. This means your consumption won’t limit you. However, because Visible, like most prepaid carriers, does not manage its own network, speeds may be throttled during peak hours, and Verizon always prioritizes its own customers.

    Visible’s mobile hotspot, on the other hand, is unlimited in terms of overall data usage; however, it can only connect one device at a time. Visible also restricts mobile hotspot data speeds to 5 megabits per second, which is sufficient for most purposes. Don’t expect 4K Netflix to stream to a connected TV at that resolution.

    Unlimited calling and messaging to Canada and Mexico are included, as well as the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

     Is a Visible phone plan really unlimited?

    While many offers claim unlimited data, this isn’t always the case. After you use a specific amount of data, certain networks, like Mint Mobile and even huge names like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, will slow down your connection. With Visible, however, this is not the case. With Visible, you get genuinely unlimited bandwidth, with network traffic causing the only slowdowns, not your usage.

    If you live in or visit a congested region, your speeds may be limited to accommodate a higher-paying Verizon client on the same network. This is a typical occurrence with prepaid contracts and is regrettably inevitable. However, your mileage will vary greatly depending on your location, so that it may be a worthwhile trade-off.

    Bottom line

    With excellent coverage on Verizon’s LTE and 5G networks, Visible delivers on its promise of unlimited internet. Unlimited call and text are also included in the price, starting at $40 per month with a $15 monthly discount if you sign up with a four-person party. Unlike other cell phone plans, Visible does not offer monthly add-ons like streaming services or additional hotspot data.