Is AT&T Wireless Down

Are you experiencing problems with the AT&T Wireless network in your area or on your phone? If that is not the case, is the AT&T Wireless network down? Notably, AT&T is one of the major network providers in the United States; hence many residents depend on it for phone services. This article helps you know whether this carrier’s network is down and how you can know when it is down.

Network connectivity outages sometimes occur in different locations in every carrier. They may be caused by several factors like heavy cellular traffic, blockage of your own antenna, cell tower distance, and cosmic events line nature. However, the problems are not experienced in all the coverage areas at once. At times, your device might be having some connection problems with the AT&T network.

AT&T provides local and long-distance phone services and AT&T broadband internet to individuals and businesses. The carrier has several MVNOs that rely on its network towers. When its services are down, a lot of inconveniences are caused. Therefore, it is good to know whether its services are currently down in your location and what to do if such a situation happens.

How can you tell if AT&T is down?

Is AT&T Wireless down

If you suspect there is a widespread outage of the carrier’s network, you can confirm it in the following ways:

  • Check directly from You will enter your location’s ZIP code for information or sign in to your AT&T account for personalized results.
  • Use third-party “status checker” websites. These include Downdetector, Downhunter, or Outage.Report, and they offer fast and live information about any AT&T network outage problems reported by customers, for instance, in 24 hours. The website also has a live coverage map showing you exactly where the problems are occurring.
  • Check the AT&T Facebook page or AT&T Help Twitter page: if a large-scale problem occurs in a particular state, AT&T might address it on the Facebook page. You can check the Twitter help page to see if they offer any information. The tweet timestamps will tell you whether other people are experiencing problems with the AT&T network.

Is AT&T Wireless down?

According to the live outage and reported problems map on the detecting sites stated above, AT&T Wireless is not down currently. No problems have been detected currently. However, if you need to check at any particular time, the site has live maps showing the problem affecting the network in a particular city and the exact time.

Additionally, if your device cannot connect, you can check internet connection problems on your side. You may consider restarting your phone, turning its airplane mode on and then off, or contacting AT&T customer service for assistance. If there was an outage in your area, you could sign in to AT&T updates from the outage site (, and you will be notified when the problem is over.

Bottom line

AT&T Wireless is one of the major network providers in the US and uses the GSM network. It has several other Wireless MVNOs that use its towers to offer their services. If the AT&T Wireless network goes down, it will inconvenience its customers and the MVNOs. Currently, the carrier’s services are not down. As explained above, you can use the live sites stated to see whether its services are down in a specific area.