How to Cancel GreatCall

GreatCall is an aging service for the elderly that offers emergency response services with a cell phone plan. GreatCall serves a niche demographic that has proven to be quite vulnerable in its old age. The company launched more than a decades ago and has grown steadily since then.

GreatCall is unique because they offer their cell phone service through an app rather than as a traditional subscription plan. That may seem like a disadvantage, but it also means you don’t have to commit to anything long-term if you’re not sure it will meet your needs. If you need a cell phone that provides emergency response and other services specifically for seniors, then GreatCall may be right for you. Here, we will walk through about how to cancel GreatCall.

What is GreatCall

GreatCall is a cell phone service for the elderly. It lets the user make and receive calls with the help of a medical alert button. Being founded in 2006, the GreatCall will let you do everything from calling and video chatting to sharing photos with your family and friends. It also offers assistance with urgent care, personal operator, and fall detection.

How to Cancel GreatCall

Having headquartered in San Diego, California, this is the leading provider of providing medical alert services. GreatCall’s monthly plan starts at $14.99 and includes unlimited talk and text. GreatCall’s cell phone service is available for both Android and iOS phones.

How to Cancel GreatCall

To cancel your GreatCall service, follow the instructions mentioned below –

  • You have to first collect several information. These informations are – first name, last name, cell phone number, email, username, password, billing address, detailed home address with ZIP, country, reason for cancellation, card’s last 4 digits, date of last charge & account number.
  • Dial GreatCall customer service number by dialing 800-733-6632 from your phone.
  • Ask the online representative person to cancel your account.
  • When you are requested, provide the account information.
  • After that, if you’ll be charged the account again, ask that representative.
  • Then, ask for a confirmation email or number.
  • As a proof of canceling your account, keep that confirmation email or number.

Services of GreatCall

GreatCall provides some excellent services for the customers. These services keeps this company alive. These are –

  1. Urgent Response – Just pressing on Urgent Response in GreatCall app, they’ll track your exact location and get the help you require.
  2. Lively Link – The Lively link app will keep your close ones updated on your safety and health.
  3. Urgent Care – You can speak to a certified doctors and registered nurses in need of medical questions at any moment as they’re active 24/7.
  4. Fall Detection – By this option, the GreatCall team can send the help despite not pressing the button.
  5. Personal Operator – The helpful and friendly personal operator of GreatCall is available 24/7 for your help like making calls, searching phone numbers, scheduling rides and some more.
  6. Lively Rides – By this service, Personal Operator will fix a ride for you if you press “0” from your cell phone.

Final Words

GreatCall is a service catered toward senior citizens who want to stay connected without committing to a lengthy contract. It’s not the cheapest service, but it has extra benefits such as urgent response, health monitoring, and an emergency response system. If you’re looking for a cell phone plan specifically designed for seniors, then you’ll likely like GreatCall.