Is Hello Mobile Really Unlimited

The promises are almost always unlimited with a new internet provider. But we all know that nothing is really unlimited. Even when it comes to mobile data, there must be some cap on how much data you can use, or they wouldn’t be able to call it unlimited.

So how do you know if something is truly unlimited? Read on to find out. If you’ve come across something labeled as “unlimited mobile data” recently, chances are, good it was from a company called Hello Mobile.

They operate in several smaller markets and specialize in selling mobile plans with unlimited everything: voice minutes, text messages, and of course, mobile data. It sounds too good to be true—and for most people, it probably is—but there are some real benefits to going with them if that’s what you want.

How Much Data Does Hello Mobile Offer?

First, let’s talk about data. Hello, Mobile advertises that their plans are unlimited, but they limit how much data you can use before it kicks you off the network. This is more than other providers offer; most of them cap at 1GB or 2GB per month.

Is Hello Mobile Really Unlimited

But if you’re someone who uses a lot of data on your phone—video streaming, for example—1GB might not work for you. Even if you don’t go over that amount, there’s no guarantee that the company won’t just reduce your data usage to make up for any difference.

Besides using data caps to ensure all customers don’t exceed their limits, it helps the company maintain fairness across its customer base. Imagine if everyone used all the mobile data and nobody had any left to use.

The company would either have to spend a lot of money buying new bandwidth or charge customers an arm and a leg for what little they had left. Neither option is desirable, so they make sure not to let that happen by limiting how much each person can use in one month.

Is Hello Mobile Really Unlimited?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re considering an unlimited data plan. First, it’s essential to know if the provider has a fair use policy or limit on usage. Unlimited plans are often not genuinely unlimited but have a “fair use” clause that prevents customers from using too much data without consequence.

This is especially true if you’re trying to watch a lot of streaming videos or play games on your phone all day. If a company doesn’t have any fair use policy, and you find yourself using more than 10 GB per month, for example, the chances are good that you’ll be subject to overage fees.

That’s a limit, all right! Finally, knowing what kind of phone you’ll use with the unlimited plan is essential. This might not matter because they offer unlimited data plans if you’re switching over from a standard carrier like AT&T or Verizon.

But if you’re coming from another page (or no carrier) and want an unlimited data plan, try to get one that offers both iPhone and Android phones at least so that you can take advantage of the same benefits regardless of your device choice.

Final Words

Hello Mobile is a company specialising in unlimited everything, so it’s worth talking about how the term “unlimited” applies to their products. If you want an unlimited plan with Hello Mobile, you can get one for $65 per month. The only catch is that this package does have a data cap of 3GB.