What Is Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is a virtual mobile operator that’s powered by Verizon and covers the nation. Xfinity Mobile users get the same coverage as Verizon customers, so you can enjoy your favorite apps and services wherever you go. It’s also a separate brand with its own website, login and billing information, customer support team, and unique plans.

Many providers, including Verizon Wireless, now offer prepaid services that target specific types of users. All the plans of Xfinity Mobile come with unlimited talk & text. You just have to pay for the data one of two ways. With so many options available to consumers right now, it’s important to understand what Xfinity Mobile is. Keep reading to learn more about the Xfinity Mobile and related to this.

What Is Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile is a wireless network which is designed to save your funds. There are no annual contracts and you can stay connected to the nationwide best LTE networks & Wi-Fi hotspots. Founded in 2017, Xfinity Mobile is a strong nationwide network that has 5G networks.

What Is Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is an alternative to the other major network providers that offer unlimited data, talk and text with no hidden fees. Having headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this company uses Verizon’s network to provide the service for the consumers. Xfinity Mobile allows you to add up to 10 lines to your account with unlimited talk & text.

How to Create Your ID with Xfinity Mobile

You need to create an ID if you want to access the online services of Xfinity Mobile. To create your ID, follow the steps mentioned below –

  • First, click on ‘Create an Xfinity ID’ (on any sign-in page) or go to xfinity.com/getstarted to create your ID with Xfinity Mobile.
  • Then you need to verify your account by providing some details of your account. You can use your cell phone number or SSN to verify. After that, click ‘Continue’.
  • After verifying your account, you then get the option to input your existing email address. You’ll get a link from Comcast to verify the email address. You have to click the link within 72 hours that was sent to your email.
  • When you have finished all the setup, a confirmation page will appear before you, which has more than one way to access your account. By clicking the ‘Continue’ button, you’ll either automatically be logged into the page of My Account or sent back to the web page that you visited before.

Plans for Xfinity Mobile

The Xfinity Mobile plans come in two types. The first one is ‘Unlimited Data’ and the second one is ‘By the Gig Data’. We have mentioned both the two types of plans below –

  • 1 Line – $45/Month
  • 2 Lines – $80/Month
  • 3 Lines – $100/Month
  • 4 Lines- $120/Month
  • 5 Lines- $140/Month
  • 6 Lines- $160/Month
  • 7 Lines- $180/Month
  • 8 Lines- $200/Month
  • 9 Lines- $220/Month
  • 10 Lines- $240/Month
  • 1GB – $15/Month
  • 3GB – $30/Month
  • 10GB – $60/Month

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for budget-friendly wireless service, Xfinity Mobile could be a good fit. Just keep in mind that data add-ons aren’t exactly cheap, and you don’t have any flexibility in your data usage. Xfinity Mobile is a great option for occasional wireless users who only need a small amount of monthly data.