Simple Mobile Hotspot Plans in 2022

There are numerous reasons to avoid America’s largest carriers these days. You’ll be eager for a better rate once you see the hefty prices charged by the primary three. Simple Mobile and its plans come into play in this situation. There’s much to enjoy about T-Mobile’s countrywide network and lower rates. Before you make the switch, we’ll walk you through the best Simple Mobile Hotspot plans.

A hotspot subscription may be worthwhile if you often stream data to your laptop or work remotely regularly. Fortunately, Simple Mobile offers two service levels with considerable data limitations. You can obtain 15GB of storage for $34.99 per month, which is somewhat higher than the cost of a 5GB plan, or 40GB for $49.99. Both choices are regular monthly payments; thus, adding a hotspot for a single month may be difficult.

Simple Mobile offers a diverse range of low-cost data plans but isn’t without flaws. You’ll have to look at some extras if you want to customize your plan to match your demands, whether you need more data or a larger hotspot. Fortunately, Simple makes adding the extras you require relatively simple. Are you ready to learn about Simple Mobile’s hotspot plans? Let’s get started!

What is Simple Mobile Hotspot Plans in 2022?

The hotspot device will only be helpful if the plans it comes with it are also helpful. As a result, we’ll shed some light on the currently available Mobile Hotspot plans.

simple mobile hotspot plans

i) Simple mobile $25 limited plan

For one month, you get unlimited data with this plan. The first 3 GB will be at 4G rates. After that, you’ll have a 2G speed. You can also talk and text as much as you like. It implies you won’t have to worry about paying more if you choose this plan. There are some add-ons available, but the benefits are the same as with other plans, so you may be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

ii)  Simple mobile $40 limited plan

With this plan, you will receive 15GB of high-speed data without a contract. After that, you’ll get 2G service. You get three times the data for the same amount as a 5GB add-on bonus. You can utilize your data cap as a hotspot and add additional access if necessary.

When you add other lines of service, the 15GB plan’s value shines because each one costs $25, the same as the 5GB plan. In addition, you will have unlimited text and chat time.

iii) Simple mobile unlimited $50 plan

This plan includes unlimited high-speed data, text, and phone calls. In addition, there is a 5GB mobile hotspot. The Truly Unlimited plan’s only limitation is that you may only utilize 5GB of your data for a high-speed hotspot. With the $50 unlimited plan, there is no hard data cap.

However, if you consume 40GB of data in a month, you may reach a soft cap, and your data rates may degrade. Most people won’t use that much data in a month, so you won’t have to worry about exceeding your soft data cap. The Truly Unlimited package is also the first to feature 480p resolution streaming.

iv) Simple mobile $60 unlimited plan

In comparison to the $50 Unlimited plan, this plan triples the amount of hotspot data you may use in a month. A gigabyte of mobile data is roughly equivalent to an hour of streaming a show. You could stream around five hours of material with your mobile hotspot data with the $50 Unlimited package.

You could watch a complete season of a favorite show on the $60 Unlimited package. You’ll have unlimited high-speed data, text, and voice calls. In addition, you’ll get 50GB of cloud storage. Videos can be streamed at a resolution of 480p.

Summary of Simple Mobile Hotspot plans

If you want to keep things simple, there are only five plans to consider. The first three plans combine limited data with unlimited talk and text, while the two most expensive plans remove all barriers. When you decide to go unlimited, the first thing you’ll want to figure out is how much hotspot data you’ll need. In the end, the decision is yours, although the chart below provides some helpful information.

Plans include $25 limited plan $30 limited plan $40 limited plan $50 unlimited plan $60 unlimited plan
  • $25 for one line
  • $20 each for up to four additional lines
  • $30 for one line
  • $25 each for up to four additional lines
  • $40 for one line
  • $25 each for up to four additional lines
  • $50 for one line
  • $25 each for up to four additional lines
  • $60 for one line
  • $25 each for up to four additional lines
Talk and text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data 2GB of high-speed data followed by 2G access 5GB of high-speed data followed by 2G access 15GB of high-speed data followed by 2G access Unlimited high-speed data Unlimited high-speed data
Hotspot Up to 2GB cap Up to 5GB cap Up to 15GB cap 5GB hotspot included 15GB hotspot included
Streaming Quality Available at unspecified quality Available at unspecified quality Available at unspecified quality Standard definition up to 480p Standard definition up to 480p
Extras Data add-ons available Data add-ons available Data add-ons available None 50GB cloud storage

Bottom line

Simple Mobile’s low-cost, low-cap plans with 3GB or 5GB of high-speed data are fantastic, but they may not be the ideal option for most consumers. After all, adding variable quantities of data month after month might become costly.

Instead, most users will benefit from the $40 limited or Truly Unlimited plans. Simple Mobile’s hotspot plans are, as you can see, quite affordable. As a result, if you use a hotspot device to access the Internet, you will not have to spend much money.