Is Assurance Wireless legit

Assurance wireless is an American federal lifeline assistance program brought by virgin mobile for qualified residents based on their household income or those in the government programs. The company is a mobile virtual network operator which runs on the mobile network. However, does this make it any legit? This article will help you uncover that.

The company runs on the T-Mobile network to run its operations, which means it has reliable network connectivity across America. Assurance wireless serves over 1.8 million Americans in over 40 states and the District of Columbia. To qualify for the Assurance Wireless, you must be eligible for the lifeline program, which is the program that helps low-income families get connected with their families and friends.

The carrier provides each eligible household with a free android smartphone and free phone services each month, including unlimited calls, unlimited data, and free minutes. The carrier does not require customers to sign a contract; hence they may opt to terminate their services without attracting charges.

Is Assurance Wireless legit?

Assurance Wireless is an active MVNO that has partnered with the US government through the federal lifeline assistant program to offer free phone services to American families that are struggling economically. The fact that the government has trusted it to use its services to reach out to needy customers proves that Assurance Wireless is a company that is true and effectively operational.

Is Assurance Wireless legit

However, to prove that Assurance Wireless is legit, below are some of the reasons why one can trust it:

  • Operates on a major network: Assurance Wireless is part of T-Mobile with T-Mobile Network experience coverage, one of the leading networks in the US. It also has comprehensive network coverage.
  • The carrier offers lifeline assistance and the ACP programs: as mentioned above, assurance wireless participates in the federal programs to assist all eligible low-income residents in accessing phone services. These are government assistance programs, and the government uses only legitimate providers.
  • A reasonable number of subscribers: the carrier currently counts under 2 million total consumers countrywide, which is a reasonable number to confirm its legitimacy. Also, the brand is available in 30 states and the district of Columbia.
  • It has an active official website: Assurance Wireless has an official website where customers can get their services. This website is transparent, including service plans, free phone procedures, and how you can apply for their service if you are eligible.
  • It has a straightforward online application procedure for the lifeline assistance program: You can visit the carrier’s official website and check whether you qualify. After that, you can click on the application option and apply.

Bottom line

Assurance Wireless is an American MVNO that runs through the T-Mobile network. The company is a lifeline provider and hence offers its services to eligible low-income households. It also offers the Affordable Connectivity program. Participating in these federal-assistance programs, among other reasons stated above, proves that the company exists and is legit.