How to Use TextNow

TextNow isn’t the same as WhatsApp, Signal, or Skype; however, it does have certain similarities. TextNow is essentially an app that contains an end-to-end phone service. This platform is accessible by mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. So, how can you use TextNow? Look no further than this article for instructions.

There are a few things you should know before using the platform. For example, if you already have a phone for which you pay a monthly charge, you can save money by downloading and using the TextNow app. You can make free calls on Wifi with TextNow, so whether you’re at home or work, you’ll never run out of minutes because you can do everything through TextNow.

Similarly, if you have an old phone and work from home, you might use the TextNow number as your company number to keep your personal and professional lives distinct. This means that all of the calls you receive from TextNow are business-related. You can also make free business calls after that. Indeed, this is a terrific platform that appeals to many people.

How to Use TextNow?

how to use textnow

Internet users can access the platform from any digital device, including mobile phones and desktop versions of Windows and Mac. TextNow may be used for calling and texting through your browser, which is a convenient function.

Furthermore, the platform allows video calling, which is entirely free, like the platform’s text and phone features. These characteristics make the platform appealing for communication. To use the services, for the description given below; 

Mobile Device

It is straightforward to use the TextNow platform with your mobile device. Begin by downloading the application from the google play store for android phone users and enjoy the services. The App is also available from the Apple store for iPhone lovers. After you download the App, launch it on your device and then follow the simple instructions in the application to get started.  

It is important to note that TextNow is a free app since it is ad-supported, meaning there are some adverts inside the App that may hinder your operation.


TextNow is for you if you’re always on your computer and want to communicate utilising the same device. TextNow, like WhatsApp and Signal, includes a web version for Windows and Mac that allows you to send, receive, and manage all of your messages from the comfort of your laptop or personal computer.

You require an internet connection and a browser to use the services. You don’t have to worry about losing anything because all text messages are automatically synced. Like iMessage, you can start a message on your computer and pick it up on your phone.

Bottom Line

The TextNow platform is one of the most user-friendly for sending and receiving messages over the internet. The App is compatible with all digital platforms, including Android phones, iOS devices, and desktop computers, making it dependable for all internet users. You can interact with friends and family for free over the internet using TextNow. As a result, it is a platform that smartphone users should consider.