How to Activate a Metro PCS Phone for Free

Metro PCS is a prepaid wireless Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the US, owned by T-Mobile. Currently, the carrier operates under the name ‘Metro by T-Mobile’ after T-Mobile acquired its ownership via a reversed merger in 2013. To use the carrier’s services with your Metro PCS phone, you require to activate it. So, how can you activate your Metro PCS phone for free?

Notably, when switching to Metro PCS, it is mandatory to have your device activated with the carrier’s network. After that, you can acquire and use the carrier’s services. You are needed to do the activation if you switched with your current device or purchased a new phone. The carrier offers quality new devices on its website that you can acquire.

New customers must also activate their device after buying a new MetroPCS phone. Metro PCS avails the phone activation to new and existing customers for free. However, you require to have all the information needed for the activation to be complete. We will look at some of these ways that you can use to activate your device and start enjoying Metro PCS services.

How to activate a Metro PCS phone for free?

How to Activate a Metro PCS Phone for Free

You can use several methods when activating your phone and have it done at no cost for new and existing customers. These methods are:

i) Use the online activation means from the Metro PCS website

  • Visit the carrier’s official website (Metro by T-Mobile) using a browser and click on the “Activate your phone” tab. A new window will open.
  • Provide the account holder’s details, address, and security info as required by the open new page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process.

ii) Activation via Metro PCS customer care

You can contact the carrier’s customer care at 1-888-863-8768 with a different phone and request the attendant assist you with the activation process. The attendant will ask you to provide your personal information and phone details.

iii) Visiting a Metro PCS store

You can also visit a nearby Metro PCS store and have your device activated from there. Notably, you won’t be charged anything. You can use a store locator on the carrier’s website to help locate a store near your location. From the store, you will be assisted in the activation process.

iv) Activate manually

You can also dial 228 on the phone you are activating and follow the instructions. You will provide personal information to start your account, and activation will be complete after you have paid your first month’s bill.

If you already have an active Metro PCS account, especially the existing customers with new devices, you can follow the following simple guidelines to activate the phone:

  • Remove your SIM card from your old phone and insert it into your new phone.
  • Wait for the network to initialize in the phone
  • Your phone will be activated and ready for use

Bottom line

Metro PCS is an American MVNO owned by T-Mobile. To enjoy the carrier’s services on your phone, you have to activate the phone. This one applies to new customers joining the carrier with their current or new phones or the existing customers who have purchased new phones. Notably, activating a Metro PCS phone is done for free using the various methods explained above.