What Network Does Tello Mobile Use

Tello Mobile is an American Mobile Virtual Network Operator launched in 2016. It has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The carrier offers lower-priced phone services and includes excellent features, winning more customers’ interest. You might want to know about Tello Mobile’s operation regarding the network that it uses. This article mainly focuses on this, among other related facets.

Tello Mobile is quite a reliable carrier as it gives options to select the number of minutes, texts, or data that can be acquired. You can opt for the pay-as-you-go or the prepaid mobile plans. The carrier also includes unlimited phone and family plans where customers can add extra lines at no additional cost.

The carrier’s products are developed based on a no-contract policy, and you can get them exclusively online. The carrier allows you to switch to its network with your own phone, but also it has quality devices that you can purchase on its website. If you know the network Tello Mobile use, you can now know the type of phone you need if you wish to switch to Tello Mobile with your current device.

What network does Tello Mobile use?

As stated above, Tello Mobile is an MVNO; hence it does not own network towers. It uses T-Mobile’s network to offer services to its customers.

Therefore, it is a GSM carrier since T-Mobile uses GSM technology. The GSM is a reliable technology as you can change the different variety of phones by users since it works based on SIM cards. It is currently being used by most phone companies worldwide.

Initially, Tello Mobile relied on Sprint’s network for operation. Notably, Sprint uses the CDMA network technology. However, in 20220, Sprint merged with T-Mobile, and hence Tello Mobile shifted its network from Sprint’s CDMA. Currently, it operates using T-Mobile’s GSM network.

Therefore, you require a GSM compatible phone for your phone to operate well with Tello Mobile’s network. This is mainly for new customers willing to switch with their current phones.

Is Tello Mobile a suitable carrier?

We can term Tello Mobile as a good and reliable carrier considering many aspects of the carrier. It is a good phone services provider because it has:

  • Broad and reliable network coverage: since T-Mobile covers about 99% of US landmass, you will get a stable connection of nationwide 4G LTE and 5G networks on enabled phones.
  • A variety of phone plans: you can get various affordable plans from as low as $10/month with high-speed data, unlimited texts, and minutes. The carrier also has unlimited phone plans with unlimited everything.
  • No activation fees and commitment: this one allows its customers to change or cancel their plans at any time.
  • You can maintain your current phone and phone number when switching.
  • A variety of compatible phones since it uses the GSM technology employed by most phone companies worldwide.

Bottom line

Tello Mobile is a popular MVNO in the US offering quality and affordable phone services, including cell phone plans. The carrier uses the nationwide T-Mobile’s GSM network to offer these services. Initially, it was a CDMA carrier as it used Sprint’s network but later on shifted to GSM after Sprint merged with T-Mobile in 2020.