Verizon is a telecommunication company in the United States of America. The company is among the most prominent cellular phone service providers, with more than 100 million active subscribers. Verizon was formerly Bell Atlantic Corporation (1983–2000) before it changed to its present name. It started its operations on October 7, 1983, 38 years ago. There are various products you can get from the company as we shall see. We shall look at the Verizon internet plans for seniors later.

    Seniors are the older adults in society. Most of them are retired and have less energy left to work. Therefore, there is a need to tailor communication plans to fit their needs. The plans should be affordable to ensure that those people stay connected to their friends and relatives. The plans for seniors include data, voice call minutes, and SMS services. Someone may wonder if the elderly need the internet. The truth is that those people still require the internet to connect to their loved ones.

    Verizon has been there for a long time, and its services are exceptional. No wonder the company has grown that much with millions of subscribers and millions of dollars of income every month. It has various subsidiaries, including BlueJeans, TracFone Wireless, Skyward, Visible, and Yahoo (10%). Although it mainly serves the United States, it operates worldwide with headquarters at 095 Avenue of the Americas, New York City, New York, United States.

    Verizon Wireless internet – The plans

    Verizon internet has been doing good throughout the United States, with millions of subscribers opting for it. By the way, the rollout of Verizon’s fixed wireless access (FWA) for rural areas is picking well and is now available in 48 states. We have amazing Verizon fixed wireless internet plans that you can have today.

    Most people use phone-based internet access, whereby you can access the internet on the go using your smartphone. The carrier also offers amazing plans on that. The following are the plans you can get from the carrier.

    1) Verizon Play More Unlimited

    The plan costs $80/month for one line. It is Verizon’s main consumer-focused postpaid plan that you can enjoy today. If you get two lines, the cost is $140/mo, while three lines cost $165/month. It is cost-effective while at the same time featuring full unlimited 5G access and a full subscription to Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. The plan also has priority premium network access. Having unlimited and reliable internet access gives you some of the best data speeds in the country.

    2) Verizon Start Unlimited

    You can purchase the plan at $70/mo for one line. When you buy the plan for two lines, you must spend $120 per month. Three lines cost you $135 per month. The plan is the ‘basic’ postpaid plan for Verizon and gives you unlimited calls, texts, and data, whereby you can enjoy 5G data speeds for faster communication. Keeping your budget low and enjoying quality communication services is good.

    3) Verizon Do More Unlimited

     You can have the plan for $80/mo for one line. You can get two lines for $140 per month or three-line for $165 per month if you want to add more. The Do More Unlimited plan is a productivity-focused plan. You will not get unlimited access to all the streaming services with the plan, but you can enjoy 600GB of cloud storage space plus 50% off connected device plans.

    4) Verizon Get More Unlimited

     Another great plan you can get today is the Verizon Get More Unlimited plan, which pays $90 per month for one line. Just like it is with the Verizon Do More Unlimited, you will be able to get 600GB of cloud storage. Also, the plan gives you 50% off to connect device plans plus full unlimited access to Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, and Apple Music. You can get the plan for $90 per month for one line, and then for two-line, you can get it for $160 per month. You can get one for $195 per month if you want one for three lines.

    Apart from the above plans, you can also opt for the Verizon business internet plansif you need large data. An example of an internet plan for a business is the Verizon Fios Internet for Small Business at $69 per month.

    Best Verizon internet plans for Seniors in 2023

    As I mentioned earlier, Verizon is one of the most popular telecommunication companies, with millions of users. Most service providers have plans for seniors that help them keep connected with the rest of the world. While you can find several plans in some companies, Verizon has only one plan for seniors called the Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan.

    To qualify, you need to be at least 55 years of age with a billing address. Also, you need to have proof of address when signing up. Another requirement is that you should be a resident of Florida. If you don’t live in Florida, you can still find other plans that are still relevant to the seniors. There is still the Verizon low-income internet which you can get if you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

    The Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan costs $60 per line per month. There are also taxes & fees included in the plan. If you buy the plan for two lines, you will be able to pay less, whereby you will pay $80 for the two lines meaning that one line will cost you $40. The plan offers the following:

    • Unlimited 4G LTE data
    • DVD-quality streaming
    • Unlimited talk & text
    • Unlimited mobile hotspot (600 Kbps)
    • Verizon Up rewards
    • Mexico & Canada Included

    You can confirm if you qualify by visiting the Verizon55 plus plan page and scrolling down to fill in your details, such as your birth date, the suitable location you live in, the number of lines you need, and whether you are new to Verizon. Once you provide all the necessary details, you should tap the “Check Eligibility” button.

    Apart from the plan, we even have other plans that can suit the seniors too. For example, we have the Verizon internet deals for new customers that are usually low cost. For instance, new Fios customers can receive discounts for various plans. There is a $5 off per month on 200 Mbps; $10 off per month on 400 Mbps, and $15 off per month on Gigabit Connection.

    Bottom line

    Verizon is a telecommunication company in the United States of America and is among the most prominent cellular phone service providers with more than 100 million active subscribers. It offers various products such as broadband, cable television, landline, mobile phones, and the internet. You can get started with the company by opening your account online. You can get a plan for seniors if you live in Florida.