Is Red Pocket Mobile Good

Red Pocket is one of the popular mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) providing prepaid services and access to services from the primary network providers in the US. This indicates a great uniqueness compared to other MVNOs, thus providing its customers with tons of favorable deals. This article provides the carrier’s services, which shows it is a good company. 

However, before we handle this, knowing how the company operates is very important. It is a prepaid carrier that has been in operation since 2006, which enables you to cut your monthly phone bill in half. There are various prepaid phone plans, making this a suitable carrier for hefty data users.

The company offers similar plans to significant carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint Corporation but for a lower price. You can have unlimited everything for only $50 per month, plus 100GB of high-speed network with no data cap. Moreover, if you do not need a lot of data, you can save a lot of funds using the annual plan as described in the article.

Is Red Pocket Mobile Good?

Is Red Pocket Mobile Good

The company provides access to services to the most extensive network providers in the US; thus, subscribers can get the best deals. Some of the benefits that you will get at red pocket include;

i) Network Coverage 

It is expected that most small network providers operate with only one network. Additionally, carriers with multiple networks do not give you free access to choose the network. This is very different from Red Pocket since the company allows you to select your preferable network: Some of the network technology that you can choose from when using this carrier include; 

  • You can enjoy GSMA network technology with access to AT&T.
  • T-Mobile offers the GSMT network that Red Pocket customers can use.
  • You can choose the CDMA network that is made available by Verizon.
  • Sprint Corporation offers the CDMAS network technology.

ii) Plans and Pricing

All Red Pocket plans come with no contracts, activation fees, credit checks, or overage fees since it is a prepaid provider. The monthly plans start at a low price of only $20, providing 3GB of high-speed data and unlimited call and text. If you are interested in an annual plan, the carrier offers the $30 on eBay, only $2.50 per month, thus saving a lot on your mobile bills.

iii) Free International Calling

You will enjoy the best international mobile phone services with this carrier, including free international calling. It is important to note that the number of minutes varies from country to country. For example, personal numbers calls are bound to 24 per month, while calls to UK mobile networks are unlimited.

iv) Phone Selection

You can switch to the company by choosing from the wide variety of cell phones available at their stores or using your own phone. Note that it must be compatible with the network for you to use your existing devices.

Bottom Line

Looking for one of the best Mobile Virtual Network Providers in the US? Search no more with Red Pocket. You will be able to enjoy services that are not provided by other MVNOs. The company allows you access to four major network technologies, high-speed internet connection, nationwide coverage, affordable mobile phone plans, and massive discounts on cell phones. Therefore, you should consider this carrier as your number one MVNO option.