Is Credo Mobile good – Best Things You Need To Know

Credo Mobile is an American mobile virtual network operator founded in 1985 by Peter Barnes, Michael Kieschnick, and Laura Scher. The MVNO, formerly known working asset, runs on the Verizon network as a postpaid provider. Its idea was to offer services to its customers and use its revenues to fund progressive social change work. But does that make it any good? This article will focus on revealing that.

The carrier does not have its own network towers but uses Verizon’s network to offer its services to its customers. Therefore Credo Mobile is a CDMA carrier. Hence its customers get access to extensive nationwide coverage of 4G LTE network coverage where it is available to enabled cell phones. More importantly, despite getting the same network coverage as Verizon subscribers, credo mobile customers pay lesser.

If you are looking at a carrier that would help put your money into good use, Credo Mobile could be the company for you. The carrier offers its customers an easy way to create a positive change in the world at no extra charge. Each time a customer uses its services-mobile, long-distance service, and credit card, the company donates to progressive nonprofit groups.

Is credo mobile good?

Credo mobile is arguably a good and reliable carrier for US residents. Suppose you consider its service delivery plans and the contributions that it has made to society through its extensive donations over the years.

Is Credo Mobile good

However, as a potential client, you would still want to be sure if the company would benefit you and your course. Below are some of the reasons why Credo Mobile is good for you;

  • Broad coverage: Credo Mobile coverage is leased from Verizon, which allows you to access the most extensive nationwide 4G LTE coverage. Along with blazing fast connection speed, you also receive call quality and text messages fast.
  • Bring your own phone: Credo Mobile operates on a CDMA network; thus, you do not have to buy a new phone when switching to credo mobile. You need to ensure your phone is compatible and unlocked from your previous carrier.
  • Contributing to charity work: Credo Mobile phone service promotes that 1% of the customers’ charges is donated to nonprofit groups. Additionally, its credit card service includes that Credo Mobile generates donations every time a card is used.
  • Amazing Phone deals: If you wish to purchase a new phone, apple or android, the MVNO offers customers a vast selection of phones through their website. Alternatively, you’ll save up to 50% off retail by shopping for refurbished phones compatible with Credo mobile.
  • Unlimited data plan option: Credo Mobile offers a data plan of unlimited data once you purchase a data plan of $70/month.
  • Family plans: The carrier has multi-line discounts available where all devices share a single pool of data. Each phone gets unlimited talk and text, plus a personal Wi-Fi hotspot.

Bottom line

Credo mobile is an American MVNO that operates on the Verizon 4G LTE network. It was founded in 1985 by Peter Barnes, Michael Kieschnick, and Laura Scher as a business that would use its revenue to fund progressive social change works. Its idea was to give customers a chance to make a difference in the world each time they use its services- mobile, long-distance, or credit card.