How Do I Check My TruConnect Application Status

The status of your application is a pretty important point when you participate in a program. Those with a low balance might want to make an application in programs like Lifeline. The good news is that by maintaining some proper steps, you can become eligible for this program and get free talk, text and data with a free phone.

Checking your TruConnect application status is essential to understand what the next steps you need to take in this application. You have to enter your full name, email address, home address and other needed information. In this article, we will explain how you can check your TruConnect application status and know what to do next by chance you are not able to complete the process online.

What is TruConnect?

TruConnect is a prepaid and Lifeline wireless service in the United States which dedicated the service to make your communications more affordable and flexible. It focuses on making communication accessible for low-income households. Being founded in 2011, the program provides a free phone and free talk, text, and data with a free SIM card and activation.

The headquarter of TruConnect is located in Los Angeles, California and it is available in all the states of the US except Alaska. It is available for households with an income that is below the Federal Poverty Level. The program is available only to one individual per household.

How to Apply for TruConnect Lifeline Program?

You first need to provide proper documentation to verify if you’re qualified or not. The Wireline Competition Bureau has an official web page where the consumers can apply. The web page made the list of all the telecommunication providers in every state who are qualified for the program.

You can visit the portal of the NV consumer to check your application status. You can also make an application for the Lifeline program by mail instead. Ensure that you have provided your other documents to the NV portal.

How do I Check my TruConnect Application Status?

You first need to have all the important documents to check your TruConnect application status. You have to submit your certification of your eligibility term for downloading the application. Then, you have to mail your application to TruConnect. 

The destination of TruConnect can change time by time. After receiving a letter from TruConnect, which narrates that you are approved, you can then click on the provided link to check your TruConnect application status.

Bottom line

The TruConnect program is one of the most popular Lifeline initiatives. You can check your status and find out what is next in your application process. You can sign up for TruConnect online and receive your SIM card and welcome kit by mail. Once you receive the kit, you have to complete the enrollment process. You can do this by calling the number in the welcome kit.