Who Qualifies for Consumer Cellular

Consumer cellular is a postpaid mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides low-cost, “non-contract” wireless services in the United States. It’s typically offered by resellers as an alternative to traditional postpaid or prepaid offerings from the big two wireless carriers. Today, the big two wireless providers also offer plans with no contracts and affordable monthly service plans.

Consumer Cellular is generally designed for people who have specific privacy concerns about the data that other cell service providers might collect about them. But there’s a question which always rises in the user’s mind who will qualify for Consumer Cellular. Here, we will answer that who qualifies for Consumer Cellular and how to qualify.

Who Qualify for Consumer Cellular?

Anyone who wants to ignore the hassles of signing a long-term contract, paying high monthly fees, and dealing with overage charges on their wireless service. Consumer Cellular is designed for individuals with special needs, including seniors, people on a tight budget, and those who have credit issues and other challenges that might make it difficult to qualify for traditional service.

Who Qualifies for Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular included the Lifeline program, by which you can qualify for this carrier. You can qualify for Lifeline program if your household income is at 135% or less than it or you recently participated in any of these programs. The programs are – Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, Food Stamp, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, FDPIR or Head Start.

How to Qualify for Consumer Cellular?

You’ll find that Consumer Cellular offers a wide variety of plans and options for people with a variety of different needs. The best way to narrow down your specific needs and find the best plan for you is to visit Consumer Cellular’s website at cellphones.net. There, you can choose to either sign up online or call their toll-free customer service number at (888) 345-5509.

If you’re a senior citizen, then you may qualify for a special discount on your monthly service. If you’re currently in the military, then you may also qualify for a special offer from Consumer Cellular. Finally, if you have poor credit or no credit at all, then Consumer Cellular may be able to offer you a particular plan with no credit check.

Benefits of using Consumer Cellular

You will get several benefits using Consumer Cellular. Consumer Cellular is a carrier where you get low cost and no-contract advantage. The affordable and simple cellular service will make your lifestyle perfect and your budget will also remain the same.

The no-contract and straightforward plans are designed in a way so that you can save your money. The customers who are average, pay less than $28 per month for all the text, talk and data plans they need. Also, the activation cost of your Consumer Cellular account is FREE. 

Bottom line

If you’re looking for a low-cost, no-contract wireless plan and you don’t have good credit, then Consumer Cellular may be a good fit for you. The best way to find out if you qualify for the service and to find out which plan will suit you is to visit their official website.