Who Owns US Cellular & What Is It?

US Cellular is a wireless network operator in the United States, and it is the country’s fifth-largest network carrier. Because the company uses its infrastructure and covers 26 states, it has roaming agreements with major network providers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile to provide consumers with service while roaming beyond the network. It’s intriguing to learn who owns this one-of-a-kind carrier. But first, have a look at some of the benefits you might get from this organization.

US cellular offers its clients the best network connectivity in the North Central region of the US, like the other major carriers. Furthermore, it offers lower-cost plans than Verizon or T-Mobile. It has both prepaid and postpaid cell phone options available. The unlimited plans start at $65 and provide a $10 bill credit if you use more than 3 GB of data.

In addition, the company distributes phones and accessories to its consumers. Note that you will incur a credit check if you choose the Postpaid option. You will also be charged an activation fee on your first day, and you may bring your own phone. As a result, if you’re looking for the most excellent network provider with the best customer service and the fastest connectivity, go no further than US Cellular. 

Who Owns US Cellular?

Telephone and Data Systems Inc. created United States Corporation (doing business as US Cellular) in 1983 as a subsidiary (TDS). TDS is a Chicago-based independent telephone holding corporation that owns 84 percent of US Cellular.

Who Owns US Cellular

TDS company was founded in 1968 by Chicago developer LeRoy T. Carlson, who gathered a tiny rural telephone conglomerate of 50 individual companies over several years. Laurent Therivel is the current CEO and president of US Cellular, whose headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, US.

What is US Cellular?

US Cellular is the fifth-largest full-service cellphone carrier in the United States. The business section of telephone and Data System, Inc.(TDS). Owns 81 percent of the corporation. The company’s growth strategy is to maintain a constant presence in market areas by acquiring wireless licenses in areas adjacent to its wireless license. In addition, the corporation has cellular holdings in 183 markets and services over 5 million subscribers.

The company provides its services in the telecommunications industry. The carriers’ services include mobile phone deals, plans, and customer support services. The main plans include single line plans, prepaid plans, family plans, messaging, 4G LTE, data and internet, and other communication services.

Bottom Line

Finding a wireless network provider that offers the most effective, strong network coverage, and amazing mobile and good customer services can be tough, given many wireless carriers. The company provides phone plans and deals similar to the ones provided by major carriers however at a lower price. Therefore, if you want amazing features like a low-cost mobile and data plan, and quick access to information, consider US Cellular as the best option.