What Is Visible Wireless

Since Visible Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator, it leases its services from Verizon networks. Therefore, its overall performance and coverage are excellent. Verizon also uses the CDMA network, which is compatible with visible phones.

Visible Wireless offers its customers one standard phone plan, which includes data. New customers can pay $25 for the first month, and after that, the charge is $40/month per line. Visible also has a party option for multiple lines. As more lines are added, the cost per month is reduced.

Notably, the Visible Wireless subscribers may only download at a top speed of 5MB/second, about a tenth of the typical speed on Verizon’s standard service in major cities. However, it is a good offer since you will receive the best countrywide connection at reasonable pricing. Wondering how visible Wireless operates? Look no further; this article will feed you with all you need to know to choose visible Wireless.

What is Visible Wireless?

Visible Wireless is a fully digital wireless carrier in the US and is owned by Verizon, one of the country’s leading network providers. The carrier aims to provide customers with an unlimited, affordable option with no annual contract phone services through Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks at an affordable phone plan and services. So what exactly is visible Wireless? This article will help you answer that.

What is visible Wireless

The company uses the superfast network provided by Verizon to provide reliable services with unlimited data, messages, and minutes starting at $40/month. It can offer services at a lower cost than Verizon subscribers by operating online. Therefore, Visible Wireless should be your viable choice if you wish to receive similar services as Verizon at a lower cost.

What are the benefits of using Visible wireless network?

Low cost of accessing the network: The carrier gives you access to Verizon, a robust network at a lower cost than Verizon’s subscribers. Additionally, its plans are cheap; hence it is an affordable carrier to rely on.

Extensive coverage: visible Wireless is available wherever Verizon is present, extending its coverage nationwide.

You can bring your own phone: You can maintain your current phone hence evade the cost of buying a new one and keep your number. However, you must ensure that the phone is compatible and unlocked from the previous provider before making the switch.

No annual contracts: Visible Wireless does not include contracts; thus, a customer can choose to stay or terminate without attracting any fee.

Mobile hotspot included: with all that unlimited data the carrier offers, you can get hotspot data to connect to other devices at no extra charge.

Easy to join: Since it is an online service, visible Wireless is easy to access and join. You only need to sign up online and enjoy their services as a customer.

Bottom line

Visible Wireless is an American all-digital wireless carrier being powered by Verizon. The app-based phone service runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks. Visible Wireless is a CDMA carrier and offers some of the best phone plans. They include unlimited data, talk, and texts at affordable prices countrywide. You are assured of enjoying many benefits if you join the carrier’s network.