Is Total Wireless good

Total Wireless is one of the most popular mobile virtual network operators owned by TracFone. The carrier runs on Verizon’s network to provide customers with excellent and reliable services. It offers various data plans with excellent features. However, is total Wireless worth it? This article will help you judge that.

If you are looking for a cheap mobile data plan in the US with an option of unlimited data tied to it, Total Wireless is the best deal for you. The carrier’s plans are exceptionally well priced, including unlimited texts and calls. Customers can switch to Total Wireless with their own devices, but they should be compatible with the carrier’s network.

Since Total Wireless is on Verizon’s network, phones would need to work on its CDMA network. The carrier also participates in the federal lifeline and Emergency Broadband Benefit programs that aim to assist low-income Americans to afford phone services. If the carrier’s services are available in your area, you should check if you are eligible and then apply for the programs.

Is Total Wireless good? 

If you are still struggling to determine if total Wireless is good for you, you might as well check on some of the benefits of using total Wireless as your primary carrier.

Is Total Wireless good
  1. Cheap and Affordable data plans

 Currently, the total has two forms of phone plans, i.e., 3 single plans and shared family plans, as highlighted below

The single plans you can get include;

  • $25/month plan or $23.70/month with Auto-Refill; includes unlimited talk, text, and 1 GB of data.
  • $35/month plan or $33.20 with auto refill, the customer gets 10GB mobile data and 5GB hotspot.
  • $50/month plan with unlimited data, talk and text, and 10 GB hotspot data.

Total Wireless family plans are:

  • The $60/month plan with 30GB data for two lines
  • $85/month plan, which has 60 GB of mobile data for 3 lines
  • The $10/month plan includes 100GB of mobile data for 4 lines.
  1. You can customize your plan: There are no contracts; most plans include unlimited talk and text, but you can customize your data plan to meet your specific needs. You can also change your plan as often as you want.
  2. Outstanding performance: The carrier relies on the nationwide Verizon network. For any Total Wireless customer, you are assured of reliable connectivity with super-fast data speeds. Therefore, you can do your online activities with ease.
  3. Great discounts: if the customer sets up Auto-Refill, they get discounts when acquiring the plans mentioned above.
  4. Easy to join: getting started on Total Wireless is quick and straightforward. A customer can buy a phone from Total Wireless or bring their own device and activate it with a SIM card. Signing up for the services can be done through the carrier’s website.
  5. Participation in the lifeline and EBB programs: you can get discounted monthly plans and other services from Total Wireless if you qualify for the lifeline program. It, therefore, benefits all low-income eligible individuals to afford phone services; hence it is a reliable carrier.

Bottom line

Total Wireless is renowned MVNO in the United States owned by TracFone and run on Verizon’s network. The company has cheaper and affordable phone plans that are customisable. Total Wireless ensures its customers of excellent network coverage countrywide by operating through Verizon. If you are looking for a carrier, consider Total Wireless as it has many benefits if you join, as explained above.