Is Optimum Mobile The Same as Altice Mobile

After Altice Mobile was rebranded as Optimum Mobile in July of 2021, in September of this year, the company was officially launched as one of the mobile service providers owned and controlled by cable operator Altice USA. In comparison to other MVNOs, Altice Mobile is unique in that it has a portion of its own network infrastructure. As a result, Altice Mobile serves as Optimum Mobile’s parent company.

The development of Optimum Mobile from Altice demonstrates a degree of similarity between the two companies. Furthermore, Optimum uses the same infrastructure and network as Altice used previously. Sprint Corporation and Altice Mobile partnered to build over 19,000 small cells around the greater New York City area, including Long Island, using Altice USA’s broadband infrastructure. The firm created the groundwork for a 5G network with a small cell infrastructure.

Thanks to the alliance, the company could access Sprint’s cellular network while preserving control over its underlying core network infrastructure. Altice’s contract with Sprint was expanded to include T-Mobile following the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G networks were made available to Altice USA’s Optimum Mobile brand as part of the amended deal. As a result, the two network providers use T-Mobile’s infrastructure and can be considered the same.

Is Optimum Mobile The Same as Altice Mobile?

Let’s look at the network technology on which the two companies operate to see how similar they are. As previously stated, Optimum uses the T-Mobile GSM network, which is the world’s leader in 5G coverage and speed. You enjoy a smooth connection at home and on the move when you combine it with your high-speed internet. In addition, the company has a roaming agreement with AT&T, which allows it to use AT&T services.

Is Optimum Mobile The Same as Altice Mobile

Similarly, Altice service provider also offers its services using the T-Mobile infrastructure, meaning that it also provides access to the GSM network. All cell phones that operate on GSM network technology are compatible with the company. Therefore, it is true that these two wireless network operators are the same.

It is important to note that, since Altice is the company rebranded to Optimum, the two carriers are the same thing. In simple terms, it is true that Altice is still in operation but now offering services using a different name, as Optimum. 

Bottom Line

Similar to Altice, Optimum Mobile is an MVNO in the US that deals in cable television, internet plans, and telephone services. It is one of the largest and the best cable internet providers in the country. The company operates under T-Mobile, one of the largest carriers in the US, therefore, providing access to the fastest internet speed at a nationwide coverage of about 99% of the US landmass. If you are looking for a good MVNO, consider Optimum the best option.