enTouch Wireless is a national wireless phone business that uses the most advanced 4G LTE network available. enTouch Wireless began as a simple wireless phone service and has swiftly evolved into a contemporary, highly sought-after wireless option.

    If you live in one of the millions of homes using enTouch phones, you may need an enTouch wireless replacement phone at some point. Here are a few things to remember. The idea of losing a phone when you aren’t in a position to replace it is terrifying. This is due to the unrivaled level of the inconvenience of losing a phone.

    There are numerous drawbacks, ranging from the loss of crucial data to the loss of vital contacts. As an enTouch customer, you should be less concerned if your phone is lost, damaged, or misplaced. This is due to enTouch’s reasonable phone replacement policies.

    The good news is that you may now seamlessly replace your enTouch Wireless phones that have been lost or damaged. Because most enTouch Wireless phone users are victims of such events, we’ll go over how to replace your phone, what to do if you lose your phone, the enTouch Wireless phone replacement policy, and other related subjects in depth. Are you interested in learning more? Join us on our journey!

    Reasons to replace your enTouch Wireless Phone

    If you are an enTouch client or want to become one of the thousands of Americans who are, you will almost certainly need a replacement phone at some point. Why? A long-time user may choose to replace their enTouch Wireless phone for various reasons.

    Replacing a phone, for example, may enable you to obtain better services. Many services, such as limited and unlimited data plans at a lower cost, better call and text message plans, and better phone discounts, will be available if you upgrade your phone.

    The adage “old is gold” is surely not applicable when it comes to technology. Your phone becomes less helpful as it gets older. It lacks all of the newer and better features found in the latest models, but phones with out-of-date operating systems will fail with time.

    Text message delivery troubles, network dropouts, and system faults are some of the first and most prevalent symptoms that your phone is beginning to malfunction.

    Most importantly, you’ll need a replacement phone right once if yours is lost, stolen, damaged, or broken. If you notify enTouch as quickly as possible, they will provide you with a comparable quality free new phone. Instead, you can upgrade to a more capable phone for an extra fee.

    The grounds for Replacement enTouch Wireless Phone

    If your current phone is lost or stolen, you can get an enTouch wireless replacement phone. Similarly, if you receive a damaged phone, you may be eligible for an exchange for a replacement. When you learn that you may be qualified for a replacement phone, the first thing you should do is call enTouch Wireless Customer Service.

    By dialing 611 on your phone, you can reach enTouch without using your minutes. If you need to use a different phone, dial 1-866-488-8719. You can also reach out to enTouch Wireless by email at support@enTouchwireless.com. Complaints, requests, questions, and other concerns are welcome.

    i) Lost or Stolen enTouch Wireless phone

    If your device is lost or stolen, enTouch Wireless will deactivate it as soon as you report it missing or stolen. You are still liable for any services provided to the stolen phone before the loss or theft and up until the time of reporting.

    Remember that just because you find the phone afterward does not imply you may have it reactivated right away. EnTouch may require you to obtain a replacement unit before restoring your account’s services.

    enTouch is aware of and on the watch for potential fraud or unlawful use of their units or services regarding phone replacement requests. In this instance, they have the authority to terminate your service without warning, and you will be forced to cooperate with any subsequent inquiry.

    ii) Malfunctioning phones

    Let’s say you got a faulty enTouch wireless free phone. You may be able to get a free replacement for it. We say “may” because the corporation must still investigate and assess the situation. Customer error, including but not limited to water damage, is not eligible for refunds or exchanges.

    Call enTouch right immediately to take advantage of this offer. They’ll provide you with “return permission” and shipping instructions. Unfortunately, you will be responsible for any costs associated with returning the damaged phone to enTouch.

    When returning a malfunctioning phone, make sure the handset and all accessories, materials, and inserts that came with it are all returned in their original boxes. This must be completed within 30 days of receiving the faulty equipment. If you return after the 30 days has passed, you must pay a $25 fee before enTouch sends you a replacement.

    Does enTouch Wireless charge you to replace your phone

    enTouch wireless phones, like other phones, come with costs, even if Lifeline is a government assistance program. If you live in California, only the paperwork processing and your initial phone activation will cost you $39. On the other hand, upgrades and new phones are free regardless of your location.

    However, there is a cost associated with the replacement. The fee might range from $25.00 to $75.00, depending on the lost or stolen equipment. Before enTouch can give you a replacement, you must pay the replacement price. Credit card (pre-payment) or money order payments are accepted.

    However, if you do not return a malfunctioning phone within 30 days of obtaining it, you will only be charged a replacement fee. You can also pay by money order or credit card for this cost.

    enTouch Wireless phone replacement timelines

    In rare cases, you may be charged by enTouch for specific maintenance services related to your plan. Obtaining a replacement phone is one of these instances. If you ever need to dispute a price, make it a point to notify enTouch within 30 days after getting your replacement phone or the day you were charged, whichever comes first. If you don’t do so, you will forfeit your ability to contest the charge and be forced to pay it.

    Another deadline to bear in mind is the return window for damaged phones. Within 30 days of receiving the damaged equipment, you must return it in its original packaging, including all materials, inserts, and attachments. Otherwise, you may be charged a $25 fee before receiving a replacement phone.

    enTouch Wireless replacement phones

    There are other options if you wish to replace your phone with enTouch. These are the following:

    1. If your phone breaks down for reasons other than your fault, you can get a new one under the enTouch guarantee if you return it within 30 days of the date it was provided to you.
    2. You will receive a free enTouch refurbished phone if you replace a lost phone for the first time.
    3. If you’re replacing your phone more than once, you’ll have to pay in full each time.
    4. If you’re upgrading your enTouch replacement phone, you’ll have to pay the difference in price between your old phone and the new one.

    You will not be given the option to choose your refurbished phone when replacing your enTouch Wireless phone. However, when replacing a phone, you may encounter the following models:

    • LG G5
    • $50 Android Device
    • Samsung Galaxy S7
    • Blue view 3
    • LG K40
    • Alcatel Volta.

    Is there any difference between an EnTouch phone upgrade and replacement

    An EnTouch phone update means purchasing or obtaining a newer, more advanced gadget than the previous one. Your new phone must outperform the old one in an enTouch phone upgrading. You also have the choice of choosing your new phone. Unless it’s a giveaway or other offer, the phone will cost you much money.

    On the other hand, phone replacement is when you are entitled to a refurbished phone from enTouch if your old one has been stolen, lost, or destroyed. You are not offered to select a specific model while replacing your phone. In addition, you will receive a phone replacement that is the same model and not a higher model than your previous phone.

    How do I get a replacement SIM Card from enTouch

    If you misplace your SIM card by accident (which happens all the time), you should call the enTouch support team to obtain a replacement. You will be asked to describe the problem and follow all of the instructions given to you by the representative.

    They will then deactivate your missing SIM card and give you a replacement. If you’re getting a new SIM card, tell them you want to keep your old number. Once you’ve received your SIM, activate it by inserting it into your phone.

    Bottom line

    As previously stated, enTouch wireless replacement phone eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. Give them a phone call or write them an email as soon as possible to ensure that you meet their conditions and are qualified for replacement. That way, you’ll be able to seek help and be informed about any vital information you’ll need to get a replacement phone.