Does Straight Talk Have 5G

Few things can get users more excited than the 5G network when it comes to wireless internet. It’s a newer technology that is set to revolutionise connecting with the internet, and several mobile providers have already started testing its capabilities.

However, there’s a catch regarding Straight Talk and their 5G network. If you search for information about whether or not Straight Talk has 5G coverage, you may come away feeling confused and uncertain about what you read. The truth is that this mobile carrier does offer 5G coverage yet. However, they offer LTE-A, which is essentially a pre-release version of 5G technology.

As of right now, there have no plans for an official launch of their 5G network or LTE-A support in the foreseeable future. They have not released any official data regarding potential changes to their network in the coming years either.

What is 5G?

5G is a latest technology that will provide users with internet speeds up to 100 times faster than what they are used to. It’s set to replace 4G and eventually LTE-A, providing an entirely new way for people to connect with the internet.

Does Straight Talk Have 5G

While there is no official mobile provider that offers 5G service, many providers are testing 5G capabilities. Straight Talk was one of the first carriers in the US to offer LTE-A, which is essentially a pre-release version of 5G technology.

Does Straight Talk Have 5G?

Straight Talk does have a 5G network, and it’s not that different from 5G networks. The significant difference between the two is their speed. Straight Talk’s LTE-A network can reach up to 1 gigabyte per second, which is still much too slow for most users.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Straight Talk’s LTE-A network only works with compatible devices such as Samsung Galaxy S10 phones or Google Pixel 3a devices. Straight Talk has not announced any other plans to offer compatibility with different phones shortly.

However, this doesn’t mean that Straight Talk is a bad deal for your wireless internet needs. If you currently own a device that supports LTE-A technology, this could be an excellent option for you – especially since no one else offers it yet!


Straight Talk is a mobile virtual network operator offering discounted unlimited data plans with no contract. Previously, they offered only 5G service with speeds up to 12Mbps. Straight Talk now offers a new LTE-A network with speeds up to 300Mbps, faster than most 5G networks.