Who Owns Red Pocket Mobile

Red pocket is a prepaid MVNO that, unlike the other MVNOs that use only one major network carrier; this company provides access to all the major networks, that is, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Corporation. Therefore, it’s interesting to know who owns red pocket mobile . However, before answering this question, it’s crucial to check out some of the other benefits that you can enjoy from this company, apart from the variety of networks.

With as $20 per month, you will get unlimited talk, text, and 3 G.B. of high-speed data. If you are a hefty internet user, the $50 per month plan is the best for you. The plan comes with 100GB of high-speed broadband data and unlimited talk and text. With all Red Pocket plans, you will not need to worry about a data cap, which means there will never be any overage costs. 

Generally, the company is known to provide some of the best plans in the market. Family plans, monthly plans, annual plans, data-only plans, and worldwide data-only plans. You can get your best Red Pocket mobile plans from online retailers like Amazon and E-bay. Therefore, if you are looking for an MVNO with access to the best services at an affordable price, Red Pocket is the best option.

Who Owns Red Pocket?

The company was founded in 2006 by Joshua Gordon and had its headquarters in the Great Angeles area, West Coast, western U.S. The carrier is currently under the leadership of Joshua Gordon as the C.E.O. Red Pocket has partnered with Major network providers in the U.S., including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Therefore, the customers can operate in all of these networks.

What Network Does Red Pocket Use?

who owns red pocket mobile

The company operates under the major companies in the U.S. Therefore; it provides its services using the CDMA and GSM network technology. Depending on your location, the Red Pocket offers you the best network in that area. Subscribers who prefer the GSMA network can use AT&T carriers to get services.

The areas where CDMA works best provide access to the Sprint Carrier services. The customers who use GSMT get access to T-Mobile services, while those who prefer CDMA can enjoy Verizon offers.

Moreover, the company offers one of the best customer services and maximum coverage compared to other cheap wireless carriers. Being a prepaid carrier, the services at Red Pocket come with no contract, no activation fees, no credit checks, and good text and calling performance.

Bottom Line 

As there are so many prepaid carriers on the market, it might be challenging to select the one that provides the best services at an affordable price. If you’re looking for an MVNO that works with all the primary network providers and has excellent plans, Red Point is your best bet. The article previously indicates that the company provides affordable access to Verizon, T-Mobile, Spring, and AT&T.