What Network Does Total Wireless Use

Total Wireless is powered by Verizon’s nationwide network, providing the same coverage at a lower cost. To learn more about Total Wireless’s network, look no further since this article contains all vital information.

Even if you previously had a Verizon network plan, you should check the Total Wireless network’s cell phone coverage in your location. Using the company’s ZIP code checker, you may quickly determine whether the Total Wireless network is available in your area.

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, Total Wireless can save you up to $600 per year on your mobile phone bill without losing the features you want. Total Wireless offers single and multi-line plans ranging in price from $25 to $100 per month. All cell phone plans come with unlimited talk and text and a variety of data options.

Compared to other MVNOs and significant carriers, these are indeed affordable deals with outstanding services. All you need to take advantage of these incredible deals is a Total Wireless SIM card kit and a plan, and you’re good to go. This article describes the Total Wireless network and the phone models that are compatible with it.

What Network Does Total Wireless Use?

Total Wireless, as previously stated, relies on Verizon’s CDMA network technology to supply its services. In addition to GSM, it is one of the most extensive network technologies in cell phones that help bridge the gap when 4G is unavailable.

What Network Does Total Wireless Use

If your phone is newer than a few years, it will likely be compatible with both technologies, making switching providers simple. It’s crucial to remember that the company’s mobile phone devices and plans don’t use Verizon’s voice VoLTE but rather CMDA.

Thus, call quality may vary depending on your location. Get these phone deals and plans on the Total Wireless and Wal-Mart websites and in-store at Target, Walmart, and Dollar General.

How Do I Know If My Phone Uses a Total Wireless Network?

If you want to check your phone’s compatibility, you can use the company’s IMEI checker available on their website. Use the simple procedure below to check your device compatibility;

  • Visit the Total Wireless website
  • Hit the button “Enter Your Device ID.”
  • Enter your mobile phone IMEI number
  • Then click the “Continue” button.

The mobile phone is compatible with the Total Wireless network provider if the IMEI checker displays a 15-digit number. The phone’s IMEI number can is written behind the battery, on a label on the cell phone box, or in the device’s settings. The IMEI, on the other hand, may be acquired by dialing *#06#.

Bottom Line

As stated in the article, the company provides you access to the best perks provided you can get from one of the largest network providers in the US, Verizon. As a subscriber to this network, you will enjoy nationwide connectivity coverage and super fast 4G LTE and 5G network access at affordable prices. Therefore, if you need an MVNO with the best services at a pocket-friendly cost, then try Total wireless.