What Network does FeelSafe Wireless Use

FeelSafe wireless is a well-known lifeline assistance program created and managed by Airvoice Wireless in the United States. The phone provider aims to serve low-income Americans by providing free cell phones and services. The carrier’s network is nationwide hence reliable and convenient when traveling to any state. So what network does FeelSafe use when offering services to its customers? This article will help you understand more.

FeelSafe wireless program offers one free cell phone and services to eligible Americans whose gross family income falls below 135% of the US federal poverty guidelines. Additionally, members of a household or individuals participating in government programs like; Medicaid, Veterans pension, Section 8 or public housing, and a child enrolled in head start, among others, can also apply. You can check their website for other eligible programs.

Currently, several states qualify for the FeelSafe program, including California, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. The program aims at reaching more states. If you wish to apply for the program, you need to check if it’s available in your state. However, the network would still be available for consumers in other US states, territories, commonwealths, and tribal lands.

What Network does FeelSafe wireless use?

FeelSafe operates on the same network provider as the Airvoice wireless; hence the GSM carrier is the network used at the AT&T network. The program offers GSM coverage to consumers at zero cost for planned usage. You can also bring your own phone, provided that it is GSM compatible and unlocked.

What Network does FeelSafe Wireless Use

This process is simple as it only requires plugging in a FeelSafe SIM card. The GSM network used by FeelSafe is very reliable since most phone companies and network providers around the world use it. Therefore, consumers of FeelSafe are assured of stable connectivity across the US.

Which phones are compatible with FeelSafe wireless?

Since it is a GSM carrier, any phone that can work with this network technology is compatible with FeelSafe wireless. Most iPhones and Android phones are compatible with it. With the latest mobile devices, you do not have to worry about compatibility since most companies use the GSM technology.

Is FeelSafe wireless a reliable carrier?

If you weighed the benefits of using FeelSafe wireless, you would conclude that it is a reliable carrier. Some of the benefits accrued are;

  • Comprehensive and reliable network coverage
  • Free phone services
  • Ability to purchase more minutes
  • Easy to join
  • Free government phones

Bottom line

FeelSafe wireless is a well-known American lifeline assistance program created and managed by Airvoice network, an MVNO in the US. It offers free phone and phone services to low-income families in the US to enable them to connect with their families and friends and provide necessary services. The carrier uses AT&T’s GSM network to offer its services.