Is Ultra Mobile Good

Ultra Mobile is one of the Mobile Virtual Network Operators in the US which uses the T-Mobile network for operation. It was launched in 2011 and offers various prepaid phone services. It has a comprehensive network coverage and hence is opted for by many customers. However, can we say that is Ultra Mobile good?

The carrier uses T-Mobile’s GSM network, a reliable network considering that it is currently being used by many phone companies worldwide. Customers enjoy a vast 4G LTE network and 5G for the enabled devices. Since it leases its services from T-Mobile, it ensures that its services are less costly. Notably, new customers look for a carrier offering low-cost services.

The services a carrier offers are used to rank whether it is a good and reliable carrier or not. Existing customers are comfortable with the carrier’s services as they help them save on their phone bills and offer Ultra Mobile family plan. Does this conclude that Ultra Mobile is a suitable carrier? Let’s see why we can term it this way and why you can make Ultra Mobile your primary carrier.

Is Ultra Mobile good carrier?

Is Ultra Mobile good carrier

Most of the carrier’s customers say that it is a reliable carrier provided its services reach your area. Indeed, Ultra Mobile is a suitable and reliable carrier due to various reasons highlighted below:

  • Affordable phone plans: if you visit the carrier’s website, you can acquire a plan for as low as $15 per month, and all the plans include high-speed data. These plans include no contracts or commitments when purchasing one. You can even save more on the 3, 6, or 12-months prepaid plans from Ultra Mobile. These plans suit even heavy data users as some includes hotspot data.
  • International services: the carrier’s plans enable you to make unlimited international calling and texting to over 80 countries; hence you can link up with family and friends outside the US.
  • Comprehensive network coverage: Ultra Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network, which is among the most widespread networks in the US, reaching about 99% of the country’s landmass. Therefore, you are assured of stable connectivity if you switch to Ultra Mobile.
  • Easy to join: the carrier’s process of switching is straightforward regardless of if you wish to maintain your current phone or purchase a new one. Additionally, you can port across your current number, a convenient way of ensuring you don’t lose some of your contacts.
  • Wide selection of phones: Ultra Mobile offers you the latest iPhones and Android devices. Interestingly, you don’t have to pay the total amount to acquire the phone. With Affirm, you can first acquire the phone and then pay in monthly installments.

Bottom line

Ultra Mobile is an MVNO leasing service from T-Mobile. Therefore, it is a GSM carrier. It offers mobile services to its customers, maintaining them and attracting new ones. It has comprehensive nationwide network coverage of 4G LTE and 5G; hence you can be assured of stable connectivity if you switch to Ultra Mobile. Therefore, you can make it your primary carrier.