Is Twigby Good

Twigby is one of the most affordable mobile virtual network operators in the US-owned by the STX group. It provides talk, text, and data services that are cheap and affordable. The carrier aims to provide reliable services and customizable plans for its customers. Can you consider Is Twigby good provider?

Twigby leases services from Sprint and Verizon networks which are among the leading providers in the US. This arrangement assures its customers of decent and comprehensive network coverage while still cutting costs which is why it is opted for by many customers. The customers enjoy a robust and reliable 4G LTE and 5G network for the enabled devices.

Why choose Twigby? Twigby is one of the new breeds of providers who have much more affordable plans than the mobile phone plans of yesterday. The plans are cheap and available online through the Twigby website, starting at just $9/ month. The plan is inclusive of international calling and texting at no extra charge.

Is Twigby Good?

Twigby is an excellent consumer-centric carrier that aims at providing reliable and affordable services to its customers across the US. It is, therefore, suitable for your primary mobile provision as it has the advantages highlighted below.

Is Twigby Good
  • Decent and reliable network coverage: Twigby customers use one of the nation’s largest and most reliable networks in the US, i.e., Sprint and Verizon assuring no compromises on network coverage. Sprint network is pretty strong in major metropolitan and suburban areas, but the Verizon network has far greater reach. That means Twigby customers should rarely be without any service.
  • Affordable and customizable phone plans: Being an online company allows Twigby to operate more efficiently hence offering plan prices below other carriers. By visiting the carrier’s websites, you can easily acquire a plan for as low as $9/month and at most $20/ month. Also, it allows you to design your own phone plan that best suits your service needs.
  • International services: The carrier’s plan enables its customers to make international calls and text to over 180 countries at no extra cost; hence you can link up with family, friends, and other contacts outside the US without worrying about the cost or network.
  • No contracts: Twigby does not make you commit to a contract. Being a prepaid cell phone provider allows you to make adjustments or changes to your phone plans as you wish.
  • Easy to join: The carrier’s process of switching is simple for anyone if you are purchasing a new phone or when you intend to keep your current phone.

Bottom line

Twigby is an MVNO in the US that runs through sprint and Verizon networks. It offers affordable and customisable phone plans to its customers, enabling them to save on phone bills. It assures its customers decent and comprehensive network coverage of 4G LTE and 5G within the US and beyond. If you are going for a carrier, Twigby is a good choice.