Is TruConnect Legit

TruConnect is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the US founded by Matthew Johnson and Nathan Johnson and has headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. The carrier sells mobile hotspots and phones with 3G/4G LTE phone plans, including prepaid talk and text plans. However, do you think TruConnect is a legit provider or a scam?

Currently, it is known as TruConnect Mobile. The carrier was the first prepaid broadband provider in the United States that offered pay-as-you-go, portable Wi-Fi service plans. Some residents don’t believe that TruConnect is a genuine mobile services provider. You will find some evading from acquiring its services due to these reasons.

TruConnect uses T-Mobile’s GSM network for operation; hence it has reliable connectivity. It also offers lifeline services, and currently, it is the only lifeline provider with headquarters in Los Angeles. The carrier has over 600,000 customers nationwide. Does this still sound like a scam service provider? Please read this article as it will answer whether the carrier is legit or not.

Is TruConnect legit?

TruConnect is an active MVNO with several subscribers and is still active in offering phone services. Therefore, we can say that it is a legit and genuine mobile service provider operating legally.

Is TruConnect legit

There is evidence to support this statement if you doubt it. You may be doubting because the carrier has various competitors offering similar services and may be better than TruConnect.

Here are the reasons why we can term TruConnect as a legit carrier:

  • It has an official website: you can visit and see all the carrier’s services. The website has transparent services, including plans and devices. It also has clear procedures on how to be eligible and to apply for the carrier’s ACP.
  • TruConnect operates on T-Mobile: this is a significant provider in the US. Notably, T-Mobile cannot partner with a scam provider and allow it to use its network. If you acquire TruConnect services, you will be operating using T-Mobile’s nationwide network.
  • The carrier has a reasonable number of subscribers: Notably, if it were not legit, no one would have chosen it. This one supports our statement that the carrier is not a scam.
  • TruConnect app: This app helps you check your usage, connect to Wi-Fi networks, and earn credits. The app is real and available in the Apple Store or Google Play Store, where you can download and use it.
  • TruConnect supports the Affordable connectivity program: the ACP helps all eligible low-income individuals get a free smartphone and other monthly services like free monthly data and a Wi-Fi hotspot from TruConnect. Usually, all carriers participating in the federal-ACP program are legit and legal.
  • The carrier offers a lifeline assistance program: it is the only lifeline-participating carrier located in Los Angeles. If you reside there and are eligible for the lifeline program, you can apply.

Bottom line

TruConnect is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the United States. It operates using the GSM network from T-Mobile with headquarters in Los Angeles. It also offers lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program services and phone for low-income people. However, some people term it as a scam carrier, while others claim it is a legit one. TruConnect is a legit and genuine provider if you consider its services and availability.