Google Fi is a telecommunication company based in the US and owned by Google. However, this operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), meaning it lacks its own network infrastructure. Google Fi provides mobile broadband services such as Google Fi For Home Internet using T-Mobile and US Cellular. Additionally, having a Google Fi plan and compatible phone can get excellent cell service with several benefits at consumer-friendly prices.

    Most importantly, Google Fi gives you excellent coverage, coast to coast. You’ll get even better coverage with a cell phone designed for this carrier as it automatically switches between networks and secure Wi-Fi connections. Besides, all Google Fi Cell phone plans include nationwide 5G for supported phones. Google Fi plans are designed to match your data usage. Thus, you can go unlimited or opt to pay only for the data you utilize, all without contracts or hidden fees.

    Regardless of the plan you choose, you receive excellent coverage, privacy and security features that safeguard your personal information, and family features that assist your family in staying safer using phones and developing healthy digital habits. With Google Fi home internet, you can make calls to other countries at a cheap to no additional cost. Again, you can get international texting from the US included for free.

    Explanation About Google Fi

    Through a Google Fi plan, you’ll enjoy improved network coverage. Google Fi uses two carriers (T-Mobile and US Cellular), and Wi-Fi hotspots are available to ensure you always have the most reliable connection anywhere, anytime. To get the most out of this carrier, you need to use Google Fi with a cellphone ” designed ” or “compatible” with Google Fi. The smartphone can be an unlocked Pixel, Android, or even an iPhone.

    Moreover, beyond cellular and data coverage, Google Fi also offers streamlined billing. You pay one fee for unlimited talk and texting monthly, plus a flat rate per GB of data. There’s also a “Bill Protection,” which effectively caps your charges every month and serves an unlimited plan. You can also do international data and calling with Google Fi, and there’s no added cost for data consumption or texting.

    Google Fi Home Internet Plans and Pricing

    Google Fi For Home Internet

    The features and the pricing of Google Fi plans depend on which plan you pick. Simply Unlimited is the most affordable plan for unlimited data, calls, and texts. The plan goes for $20/month per line for four or more lines. Besides, it also features unlimited texts from the US to other countries, unlimited calls, data, and texts within the US, Canada, and Mexico. Interestingly, 5 GB of high-speed hotspot tethering is included at no extra charge.

    The next plan is Unlimited Plus which packs premium features. For $40/month per line for four or more lines, it includes the same features as Simply Unlimited, international data abroad in 200+ destinations, and international calls to 50+ destinations. You also receive 100 GB of cloud storage with Google One and unlimited high-speed hotspot tethering. You can utilize your mobile data on tablets and other compatible devices with data-only SIM cards at no additional charge.

    Finally, Google has a Flexible plan on board. If you consume less data or depend on Wi-Fi, the Flexible plan can help you save. You only pay by the GB through the Flexible plan for the data you consume–down to the cent. However, this plan costs $17/month per line for four lines for unlimited calls and texts. Plus, $10 per GB for data at home and abroad in 200+ destinations. You can also utilize your mobile data on tablets and other compatible devices with data-only SIM cards at no additional charge.

    Summary of Google Fi Plans and Pricing

    Number of Lines Simply Unlimited Unlimited Plus Flexible
    1 $50/line $55/line $20.00/line + $10/GB
    2 $40/line $55/line $17.50/line + $10/GB
    3 $25/line $45/line $16.67/line + $10/GB
    4 $20/line $40/line $16.25/line + $10/GB
    5 $20/line $40/line $16.00/line + $10/GB
    6 $20/line $40/line $15.84/line + $10/GB

    Google Fi Plans For Groups Or Families

    If you’re a new customer switching to Google Fi, you can activate a group plan at your checkout process. Choose your preferred plan and press “Join Fi” to get started. However, each member in your family must be on the same Google Fi plan, either the Fi Unlimited or Fi Flexible.

    Besides, if you’re an existing Google Fi customer, you can invite people to your plan. You can invite up to six people in a group, including the account owner. All Google Fi plans come with family features that keep your family safer on their cell phones and create healthy digital habits at no extra cost.

    In this case, you can create a data budget to decide the data amount your child can consume before their data get slowed down. You can also see where your family is when they’re on the go with location sharing in the Google Fi app. If your child possesses an Android phone, you can block unknown calls and texts and activate Family Link to set digital ground rules.

    Google Fi Designed Phones For Customers

    The current cell phones designed for Fi include Pixels, Moto G6, Moto G7, LG V35 ThinQ, LG G7 ThinQ, and Android One Moto X4. These devices are built to support multiple cellular networks, and they feature a state-of-the-art cellular radio tuned to work across different networks. Notably, you must possess the North American model of the above devices to use it on the Google Fi network.

    Moreover, other Android cell phones and iPhones lack the same network switching technology but still get many other plans’ other benefits. You can check a list on Google Fi phone deals to get a compatible device that you can use with Google Fi network services.

    Below is a breakdown of each one and which is best to use on Google Fi:

    Designed for Google Fi phones: These phones include the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, Moto G Power (2022), and Galaxy Z Flip 3. They all support Fi with no limitations. So, you enjoy full network switching capabilities, access to the Google Fi VPN service, and more. If purchased directly from Google Fi, these phones include a special SIM card that works with Fi.

    Compatible with Google Fi phones: Google Fi now operates with any unlocked Android phone and even iPhone, but there are some significant limitations. However, they can’t handle Fi’s network switching capabilities; hence you’re stuck with T-Mobile, and they don’t receive Fi’s always-on VPN feature. These phones need a special SIM card that Google will ship to you for free immediately after signing up for Fi online.

    Pixel Phones: This category includes Google’s latest phones like the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, 5, 5a, 4a, and 4a 5G. These devices have an eSIM that operates with Fi. In other words, you can activate a Fi account and connect to its network without a physical SIM card.

    Does Google Fi Offer Trade-in Programs?

    You can trade-in your device and get credit at any time when buying a new device. If you are financing a new device or your trade-in value is more than your purchase amount, you will receive the remaining balance in Google Fi service credit. Besides, you can trade in multiple devices, but only one cell phone per order.

    Therefore, if you’re purchasing a new device, you can obtain an estimate for your current cell phone value and order a trade-in kit when you buy your new device. Fortunately, shipping is free, and you’ll get your credit card refund after confirming your device’s condition.

    You can expect to get your trade-in credits in the form of a credit card refund within five days of cell phone inspection or Fi credits on your following billing statement.

    Bottom Line

    Google Fi is a telecommunication company owned by Google that operates using the T-Mobile and US cellular network towers. However, you can use Google Fi for home internet tanks to the widespread WIFI hotspot. The Wi-Fi availability makes you use less data hence more saving on your monthly internet bill. Google Fi doesn’t lock subscribers into lengthy contracts; hence you have maximum freedom to switch plans or terminate service anytime.