Are Walmart Family Mobile Phones Unlocked

Walmart Family Mobile is an American Mobile Virtual Network Operator from TracFone Wireless, offering phone services. The carrier uses the T-Mobile network for operation, indicating that it is compatible with GSM technology from T-Mobile. It offers various phone plans and also phones for sale. Therefore, are Walmart Family Mobile phones unlocked? We shall answer this question in this article, among other related facets.

If you wish to buy a new phone, you can check among Walmart family phone deals and purchase one. However, after acquiring one or planning to do so soon, you might wonder whether the phone will be unlocked if it is locked and whether you can unlock it in the future.

There is a need for any user to have an unlocked phone. You might shift to an area where your previous carrier’s network is unavailable. It will be very inconvenient if your device is locked, and hence you cannot connect to another carrier with the phone. Let’s see if the phones are unlocked and how you can unlock them to use with other carriers if it’s not the case.

Are Walmart Family Mobile phones unlocked?

An unlocked phone is not bound to any particular carrier. In this case, Walmart Family phones are not unlocked from the time of purchase for those users who acquired their phones from the carrier’s stores. TracFone owns Walmart Family Mobile phones, and hence they are locked to either TracFone or Family Mobile.

Are Walmart Family Mobile Phones Unlocked

Typically, if you bought a phone from Walmart Family Mobile, you must use it continuously for a year before it can be unlocked. If you stick to this plan and fulfill the terms, your device will be eligible for free unlocking. As of now, if you have never requested to unlock your Walmart family Mobile phone, you can be sure that it is still locked.

How can you unlock your Walmart Family Mobile phone?

Before unlocking, you have to ensure the phone meets the unlocking requirements. These include:

  • Customers must request for the phone to be unlocked. The request should be made while the service is active at most 60 days after the service expires.
  • The phone must be activated for at least 12 months and have redeemed airtime cards for a minimum of 12 months before unlocking.
  • The phone should not be reported lost, stolen, or associated with fraud activities.

After that, you can visit the carrier’s official website and check on the unlock eligibility tracker if your phone qualifies to be unlocked. Again, ensure your device meets all the requirements. You can then contact Walmart Family Mobile customer service at 1-888-442-5102 and submit your unlocking request.

The request processing can take up to 15 days, and you will receive an email with the unlock code. You can then follow the necessary procedure, including inserting the new carrier’s SIM card and inputting the unlock code. After that, the phone will be free for any other network. You can also use other third-party unlocking sites, although at a cost.

Bottom line

Walmart Family Mobile is an MVNO owned by TracFone Wireless in the US. It offers phone services from phone plans to devices for sale. If you purchase a new phone from Walmart Family Mobile, it comes while locked. There is a need to have it unlocked to use it with other carriers.