Who Owns Straight Talk

When you think of cell phone providers, you probably think of big companies. Maybe you even think of leading telecommunications corporations like AT&T or Verizon Wireless.

But what about a small, family-owned company? Straight Talk is one of them. The company can not be a household name, but it’s one of the biggest and most successful virtual operators in the United States.

In fact, the privately-held business has been growing steadily for decades. It’s also risen to be one of the most trusted names in affordable cell phone plans.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know who owns Straight Talk or how they can join their network. So let’s look at who owns Straight Talk.

What is Straight Talk?

Straight Talk is a telecommunication service provider which provides its services through the CDMA network. This means that it doesn’t own any cellular towers or infrastructure. Instead, it leases capacity from the major carriers.

Who Owns Straight talk

Being based in Miami, Florida, this company operates as an MVNO. Founded in 2009, it offers different no-contract wireless services for consumers. In this way, Straight Talk is able to offer affordable plans with no contract. It also means that it can’t offer the same service quality as the big four.

That’s because its customers share bandwidth with other users of the same network. This can sometimes lead to slower speeds or dropped calls. However, it also means that Straight Talk can offer some of the lowest rates in the industry.

Who Owns Straight Talk?

Nowadays, most people don’t know who owns Straight Talk? Straight has become the subsidiary of Verizon since Verizon owns the Straight Talk. That’s why Straight Talk is currently offering prepaid phone plans for a long time. They also provide great deals to be competitive in the international market.

The customers are getting great services from Verizon and thus, Straight Talk is not now a small company. Being Straight Talk is owned by Verizon, this company offers services at a low price. As a corporate deal, Verizon has owned 50% of Straight Talk.

Some people still don’t know how to get started with Straight Talk. Most people do this by buying a SIM card from a Straight Talk retailer. This is not the proper process. To get started with your phone, you have to go to the www.straighttalk.com/Activate page. You can also get started with Straight Talk by calling the Customer Care Service at 1-877-430-2355. You have to do this by calling from another phone.

Final words

With this knowledge, you can now track down the owner of Straight Talk and join their network. No matter which network you decide to join, it’s essential to understand who owns that network. This way, you can know what to expect and what kind of coverage you’ll receive.