What Phones are Compatible With SafetyNet Wireless?

If you’re a mobile network user, then you understand how frustrating it is to have limited options. Even with the introduction of fourth-generation (4G) LTE technology, cell phone users are still left with limited choices when it comes to available networks. This is why most subscribers are not excited about the prospect of another new mobile network coming to their area.

However, as much as we want to avoid it, we can’t ignore the fact that there are still only a few networks in most areas that offer service. SafetyNet Wireless is a wireless provider that uses the most extensive nationwide network in the United States. Here, this discussion will help you understand if your phone will be compatible with SafetyNet Wireless and more on this.

What is SafetyNet Wireless?

SafetyNet Wireless is known as Lifeline & ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) service provider and it provides free monthly phone service for qualified consumers. Being started in 2016, SafetyNet Wireless provides prepaid wireless service for the applicable consumers.

What Phones Are Compatible With SafetyNet Wireless

With SafetyNet Wireless, you’ll be able to enjoy the same nationwide coverage that you would with AT&T or Verizon, as it uses one of the largest nationwide networks of Sprint. Having headquartered in Safety Harbor, Florida, the company provides services in some specific areas. Getting your SafetyNet Wireless plan will be quick, easy and simple, with no long-term contracts to worry about.

SafetyNet Wireless uses the nationwide network Sprint for its service, which is widely considered to be one of the best networks available in the United States. This company offers wireless services through the Lifeline program, where it is available. Recently, SafetyNet has participated in the ACP program of FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

By qualifying for Lifeline, you will get free text, talk and data plan per month with a free phone. You’ll have no estimated monthly bills & no contract in SafetyNet Wireless. You can be eligible for Lifeline program if you recently participated in any of the government programs such as SNAP, Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, TANF or your household income is equal to or below 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. With SafetyNet Wireless, you can expect the same dependability with any major network.

What Phones Are Compatible With SafetyNet Wireless

You can use your current cell phone on SafetyNet Wireless, as long as it is unlocked and able to run on the Sprint network. For example, if you own an iPhone X and would like to use it on SafetyNet Wireless, you need to make sure it is unlocked phone.

The compatible phones of SafetyNet usually are two types – Hearing Aid Compatible Phones and Non-Hearing Aid Compatible Phones. Here is a list of Hearing Aid Compatible Phones –

  • Lush Mint
  • HTC 510
  • Maze Speed
  • LG LS665
  • LG LS675
  • LG LS770
  • LG LS775
  • LG G4
  • Samsung G860P
  • Samsung L710
  • Samsung J327
  • Samsung L900
  • Samsung J320
  • ZTE N9520
  • Sharp 306SH

And the Non-Hearing Aid Compatible Phones are – 

  • Sky Platinum
  • Figo Ultra J8
  • Social Crush

Final Words

SafetyNet Wireless is a solid choice for anyone who wants to save money on a new cell phone plan. With their Lifeline and ACP service, you can enjoy the benefits of a new service without having to spend a lot of money. Beyond being one of the easiest services to set up, SafetyNet Wireless is also one of the best reliable providers in the United States.