US Cellular ranks the fourth-largest carrier in the United States and offers creative discounts to its customers. However, the Company offers national network coverage alongside phones, tablets, and more. You can enjoy US cellular deals for existing customers and excellent service from an award-winning, top-notch carrier through this carrier.

    US cellular fastest speeds were initially reserved for the Midwest, around the carrier’s Chicago headquarters. Today, you can now find coverage nationwide.

    Moreover, most US Cellular phone deals for existing customers work with a credit system to provide phones such as the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus at a $0 price. If you sign up for an Unlimited contract, you can get a credit for the retail value of the phone.

    If you get approved for credit, the monthly installments will get automatically paid based on the number of installments previously defined during purchase. On the other hand, new and existing US Cellular customers can enjoy coverage on the carrier’s 4G LTE coverage spreads into all 50 states.

    Besides, its 5G network infrastructure is not yet fully developed but expects widespread coverage of the US cellular 5G network shortly. Notably, customers having US cellular compatible phones can switch to this network and enjoy the best deals that US Cellular offers to its existing customers.

    US Cellular Savings Tips

    • US Cellular offers a Bring-Your-Own-Device offer whereby if you switch to its network from another network carrier, you can receive up to $250.
    • If you refer a friend, you will secure a US Cellular Promotional Card worth $50. If the referred friends join the referral program, you can obtain up to $200.
    • You can receive rebates on your purchases at US Cellular.
    • You are eligible for a 15% military discount if you’re an eligible veteran or active duty.
    • US Cellular provides customers with a 20% discount when you land on their homepage. The deal only applies to their accessories.
    • US cellular allows you to pay for your mobile device in installments for a specified period.

    How To Switch to US Cellular?

    us cellular deals

    If you plan that you want to join US Cellular for your next phone plan and enjoy cell phone deals for existing customers, you’ll have to consider the option of buying a cell phone from the carrier or bringing your own. Besides, you can even port in your old number as long as it’s eligible for the transfer. The information you need during the porting process includes a photo ID and your previous account number.

    Most importantly, US Cellular is a CDMA network carrier. Thus, it’s easiest to bring devices from other CDMA carriers to US Cellular. Verizon operates through CDMA, while on the other hand, AT&T and T-Mobile use the other network technology, that is GSM.

    Fortunately, newer cell phones from the brands such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and LG are universally compatible across GSM and CDMA networks. In this case, you shouldn’t worry about bringing one to US Cellular as long as:

    • Your device is compatible with US cellular network technologies
    • Your device is out of contracts from other wireless providers
    • Your device is unlocked

    Bring Your Own Phone US cellular Offers

    i) Get $600 Back When Switching and Bringing a Phone

    If you want to switch but don’t necessarily want to purchase a new phone, US Cellular deals still get you covered. US Cellular is currently offering a suitable option to save when switching and bringing your own phone to US Cellular.

    However, the critical part is saving money, and you can receive up to $600 back for a virtual promo card upon signing up. You have to ensure that your device is eligible with the IMEI number and sign up for an unlimited plan to get this offer.

    ii) Bring Your Own Phone and Receive$150 Back When You Activate a New Line.

    New consumers switching to US cellular can grab this offer upon activating a new line. However, the device you are bringing must be VoLTE capable and compatible with the US cellular network. The $150 credit starts in 2 months, comes via a $30/month bill credit over 5 months, and completes when the balance is paid.

    What Is the Current Best Us Cellular Deals for Existing Customers?

    1) Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

    You can get this phone offer for $0, provided you purchase the smartphone through 36 monthly installment contract and an eligible postpaid service plan purchase. For instance, if you opt for the Unlimited Even Better Plan for $75 per month, you can receive the 512GB brand-new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra worth $1,399 entirely free.

    2) iPhone 13 Pro

    Purchase iPhone 13 Pro via a 36-month installment contract and through an eligible postpaid service plan purchase. You can pay via monthly bill credit, or you may trade in an eligible device.

    3) Receive $80 Off

    Receive an $80 credit divided into 2 monthly payments when you purchase a qualifying smartphone, including Moto G Pure, Moto G Play, and Samsung AO3s. However, the eligible plans on this offer include prepaid Evolve 15 GB, Unlimited, and Unlimited+. Notably, the credits will start 2 months after activation, and the account must remain active to continue to get a discount.

    4) Get Unlimited Data Only $40/Month

    US cellular existing customers can receive the $40 Prepaid Unlimited plan that includes 15 GB hotspot access. However, data may get temporarily slowed during network congestion. On January 1, 2023, the $40 Prepaid Unlimited plan will transition to the $40 15 GB plan. Again, data on the 15 GB data plan will automatically change to 2G speeds when each line attains the plan’s high-speed data allotment.

    5) Add a Line And receive Up To$600 Off Select Phones

    Add a line for your account on the eligible Plans such as Unlimited Every day or Unlimited Even Better Plan. You will get a device discount of up to $600 on select phones payable through monthly credit divided over 36 months.

    6) Receive Up To $300 Off Tablets

    This offer requires iPad or Samsung Tablet purchase using a 36-month installment contract, an Unlimited tablet plan, and paperless billing. However, the credit of up to $300 on this offer gets divided into 36 monthly bill credits, although it varies based on the device purchased.

     For the iPad, 9th Gen will get a $150 credit. Besides, all other iPad or Samsung Tablet models will get a credit equal to the MSRP of the device or $300, whichever is less.

    • Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (5th Gen)- $300 off
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G-$300 off
    • Apple iPad 10.2(9th Gen)-$150 off

    7) New And Current Customers receive Up To $600 Off on Trade-In Old devices.

    At US cellular, you can trade-in your old cell phone and receive up to $600 with the Trade-In Program. You can walk into a store and receive immediate value for your device. Afterward, you can use the trade-in value toward purchasing a new phone or accessory or lower your bill.

    What Are the Common US Cellular Internet Plans?

    US Cellular’s postpaid options are the most common, and the carrier avails of three options, each with distinctive features. However, you can choose the easy Basic plan, which features the fundamentals, or go for the Everyday and Even Better plans which provide unlimited service. Below Is an Overview of All Three Categories:

    i) Basic Plan

    This plan is the most straightforward and least expensive pack you can get. However, you receive unlimited text, talk, and 4G or 5G data plus standard definition (480p) streaming, and that’s it.

    On the downside, there’s no hotspot option, and you won’t receive the special RedBox promo that the other plans provide. Notably, this US Cellular Basic costs $55 per month for one line. If you include a second line, each cost $52.50, three lines for $38.33, and four lines cost $30 each with Autopay and paperless billing.

    ii) Everyday Plan

    This plan is the best bet if you want to access the standard features. Besides, you don’t receive as much access as the Even Better plan, but your streaming goes to 720p HD quality, and you can get 25 GB of priority 4G LTE or 5G data. Everyday Plan service costs $10 more per month than Basic. A single line costs $65, two for $62.50 each, three cost $48.33, and four lines go for $40 each line.

    Additionally, the Everyday plan features 15 GB of hotspot access, and it’s a suitable option if you plan to visit either Canada or Mexico. Again, you can access unlimited data and unlimited talk and text messages in either of the North American neighbors.

    iii) Even Better Plan

    Even better is the plan for users who want the plan that has it all. With this plan, you can stream your shows in 1080p Full HD, get the most out of 30 GB of hotspot access, and enjoy 50 GB of high-speed LTE data access. The prices for this plan increase by $10 per line.

    Thus, a single line costs $75, two lines for $72.50, three are $58.33, and four costs $50 each. The Even Better offers unlimited usage in Canada and Mexico with a premium robocall solution to keep off spammers. Besides, it’s the ideal plan for avid movie watches because of the two free RedBox rentals per month.

    Bottom Line

    US Cellular has deals that existing customer can enjoy. You can purchase your dream cell phone at $0, thanks to US cellular deals for existing customers that the Company has in store. Besides, you can add a service line for a discount on select phones payable in monthly installments.

    Currently, there are deals on smartphones and cell phone plans existing customers can benefit from this carrier. On the other hand, customers switching to US cellular can also find amazing offers and discounts upon joining this carrier.