Is Mint Mobile Good

Mint Mobile is a telecommunication company that offers mobile phone services in the US as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. The carrier was established in 2016 and has cheap mobile services like various plans, including Wi-Fi texting and calling, Multi-line plans, international calling, and roaming.

The carrier’s services to its customers are the ones new customers look at when deciding if it is a suitable carrier or not. Mint Mobile offers prepaid services which require you to pay upfront once you buy a SIM starter KIT or recharge.

Notably, the carrier allows new customers to check its services for three months at no cost, which makes them know about its operation. Therefore, you can first test the connection speed to your phone to see if the carrier’s services meet your demands.

Apart from phone plans, you can also get quality phone deals from Mint Mobile if you wish to acquire a new device. Also, the switching process is made easy, provided you have a compatible phone. Despite being an MVNO, it has quality services, gaining more customers. There are various new customer deals from Mint Mobile, supporting why more new users are joining.

Is Mint Mobile good?

Is Mint Mobile Good

There are various reasons why we can say that Mint Mobile is a good and reliable mobile services provider. These are the benefits you get after switching to the carrier’s network. They include:

  • A reliable network coverage: Mint Mobile operates using T-Mobile’s GSM network. This enables the carrier to have great coverage across the country since T-Mobile covers about 99% of the US landmass. Additionally, most phones are compatible with the GSM network, an added advantage for new customers.
  • Discounted new customer deals: if you join, you can get a plan from as low as $15/month for three months which is lower than the rest for existing customers.
  • Affordable phone plans: After the three months are over, you can get other cheaper plans for six months and 12 months. Notably, all these plans include;
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • high-speed 4G LTE and 5G networks on enabled phones
  • Free calling to Mexico and Canada
  • Free mobile hotspot
  • Free 3-in-1 SIM card
  • Wi-Fi calling and texting
  • Quality phone deals: you can save on your new phone costs if you purchase a phone from Mint Mobile. Get iPhone and Android devices at lower prices when you get the 12-month plan. You do not require to pay for the phones at the total price since you can pay with monthly installments. This one enables you to acquire the phone first while paying.
  • Keep your current phone and number: when switching, you don’t require to change your current phone and number. Just ensure the phone is compatible with Mint Mobile’s GSM network and is unlocked. After that, you can contact customer service and be assisted to port across your current number.

Bottom line

Mint Mobile is an MVNO in the United States that offers prepaid phone services to its customers at lower prices. The carrier uses the nationwide T-Mobile’s GSM network, a reliable network. You can have 6 months or 12 months plans with excellent features and phone deals that will help you save. All these benefits you get if you switch thus attests that Mint Mobile is a suitable carrier.