Is Cricket Wireless Good

Cricket Wireless is a prepaid wireless provider in the US and is one of the largest Mobile Virtual networks in the United States. The carrier was launched in March 1999 by Lead Wireless International, but AT&T obtained it later in March 2014. Therefore, the carrier uses the AT&T network to offer services to its customers.

The carrier operates using AT&T’s GSM network and hence has excellent coverage. It is an added advantage that helps benefit its existing customers and helps attract more new customers to the network. Cricket Wireless offers several prepaid plans, among the best deals on cell phones that any customer can acquire.

If you require a cheap phone that delivers the essentials you need, Cricket Wireless is the best provider for you. This is since it has quality iPhones and Android devices if you need to purchase a new one. When buying a new phone, the deals act like discounts if you port your current number across to Cricket Wireless.

Is Cricket Wireless good carrier?

There are several reasons why most US residents choose to switch to Cricket Wireless and maintain it as their primary provider.

Is Cricket Wireless Good

The carrier has over 13 million prepaid subscribers across the country. It can be termed as a good and reliable carrier due to:

  • An excellent network coverage: Cricket Wireless relies on one of the major network providers in the US, AT&T, which has a nationwide 4G LTE and 5G network on enabled phones. The customers can enjoy mobile services with reliable connectivity.
  • Affordable prepaid phone plans: the carrier has cheap plans; hence its customers can spend less when acquiring them. You can get single-line plans with a plan costing as low as $40 per month and five-line plans that include unlimited high-speed data and mobile hotspot data.
  • Best phone deals: you can get quality phone deals that help you save when purchasing a new phone. To get these deals, you need to activate a specific monthly plan, and you will get a phone for free or at a discount. For instance, you can get a free phone when you switch over with your old number and register the $60/month plan. These free phones include Samsung Galaxy A01s, A02s, and A03s. Also, an Apple iPhone SE goes for only $49.99.
  • Many compatible phones: since Cricket Wireless is a GSM carrier, most phones are compatible with this network. Notably, the technology is currently being used by most phone companies worldwide.
  • No credit check: With Cricket Wireless, no credit checks are done; hence you pay the exact amount for the advertised costs with no more charges.
  • Readily available customer care: you can reach out to the carrier’s customer service at 1-800-274-2538 if you need assistance. Again, the carrier operates in 4300 stores in all 50 states; hence its services are readily available.

Bottom line

Cricket Wireless is a well-known MVNO obtained by AT&T and uses the AT&T GSM network for operation. It has excellent coverage with 4G LTE and 5G networks. The carrier offers various phone plans and deals that are cheap and affordable, hence attracting more customers to its network. Therefore, it is a good and reliable provider.