How to Cancel Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is one of the well-known network providers in the United States, offering anything from home internet to hotspot options. It is feasible to cancel your phone plan and sign up with another carrier if you are unhappy with your relationship with them, whether it is due to higher-than-expected fees, coverage concerns, poor performance, a lack of customer support, or any other reason.

You have the option to cancel your subscription at any moment, but only under particular circumstances. The maximum early termination cost is $350, which is prorated over the length of your contract.

For example, if you cancel a year after signing your contract, you will be charged $175. If you’re switching to another post-paid service provider, such as T-Mobile or AT&T, they may pay your termination charge if you give them with a receipt.

It’s expensive to cancel a service, so make sure you understand all of the fees your carrier will charge. You can check with Verizon’s Customer Service department to see what costs you’ll be facing. Once you know how much it will cost, you can decide whether or not it is worthwhile to cancel. Keeping all of this in mind, this article will explain you how to cancel your Verizon Wireless service.

How to Cancel Verizon Wireless?

Verizon Customers who are on a contract have the option to end the contract early at any time. However, as previously stated, canceling your agreement early will result in costly “Early Termination Fees.” You can sign up for a one-year or two-year contract with the company, which you can cancel at any moment.

How to Cancel Verizon Wireless?

If you’ve determined that the expense of canceling your plan is worth it, and you’re ready to move forward, you can cancel your plan by phoning their customer service personnel or traveling to the store. In general, you can terminate your Verizon plan by doing the following:

  • Call (844) 837-2262 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST.
  • Make sure you’re the account’s owner.
  • Decline retention attempts
  • Accept the cancellation of your service verbally.
  • Once you have a reference number, you are free to quit.

What Do I Need to Know When I Cancel Verizon Wireless?

It’s crucial to be aware of some issues that may arise if you discontinue your Verizon Wireless service. You should know that;

  • You can go back to Verizon, only if you haven’t paid your balance in the past and haven’t set up a payment arrangement 
  • If you have the option, it is preferable to create a separate account, especially if you are a member of a household. You can take advantage of more promotions as a new customer versus a returning customer.

Bottom Line

Verizon provides some of the most reliable wireless coverage for Verizon compatible phones, but it’s also the costliest carrier in the United States. Verizon charges an Early Termination Fee (ETF) of $350 through the first six months of service. If you cancel your plan within 14 days of signing up and accepting the Verizon agreement, there is no Early Termination Fee. That period of time is essentially a trial period.