When the 5G Mobile Launch in the US

5G is the latest standard in wireless communication that promises to deliver blazing-fast data speeds and massive capacity. As with other wireless standards such as 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE, the “G” in 5G refers to the generation of the standard it operates under.

Unlike previous generations, however, 5G will focus more heavily on network functionality and functionality than the specifics of transmitting data via radio waves.

This shift towards functionality and away from radio waves will pave the way for several new technologies and services. The goal of 5G is to provide new services like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and more.

When the 5G Mobile Launch in the US?

The rollout of 5G mobile services is expected to launch in the United States by 2020. Companies like AT&T, Verizon, and others have been testing and expanding their Verizon 5G internet networks this year as a precursor to full-scale rollouts in 2019.

However, the exact date for a nationwide 5G launch remains unclear. The widespread adoption of 4G LTE and other cellular technologies has led to an explosion of mobile data usage across the country.

In fact, the average American now spends more than 200 hours every month on their phone browsing the internet, streaming videos, or using apps. This accelerated demand for high-speed data has led wireless providers to develop even faster standards, with 5G being the next logical step after 4G LTE. Here we will discuss the details of 5G mobile launching in the United States.

Benefits Of Using 5G

Introducing with 5G means stepping into several benefits. Here we have provided the benefits of using 5G with some key benefits.

  • The more higher data rates of 5G enable customers to download the valuable content more quickly than before.
  • The more lower latency will allow the consumers to face less delay time in the time of requesting data.
  • The 5G network will increase capacity as well as the network expands.
  • Due to a new type of network architecture and equipment designed to handle much more data, 5G will also provide much more capacity than 4G LTE.
  • 5G will also usher in a new era of services and applications that are only possible on a next-generation network.

Although a nationwide rolling out of 5G began on April 3, 2019, wireless companies are currently testing and expanding their 5G networks in select markets across the country. In fact, you can already find 5G in action in parts of New York City, Washington, San Francisco, and other major cities around the US.

AT&T and Verizon are two wireless providers that currently offer 5G service in select markets. But while 5G service is currently available in select markets, it is generally only available to customers on the provider’s network offering 5G. This means that if you’re a Verizon customer, you can only access Verizon’s 5G network.

Bottom Line

Although there’s no official date, providers like AT&T and Verizon are already testing networks built with 5G in mind. Moreover, the FCC plans to auction off spectrum expected to be used for 5G as soon as 2019. That being said, the FCC needs to free up enough spectrum to support 5G.