What Network Does Airvoice Wireless Use

Airvoice Wireless is one of the most popular prepaid wireless service providers in the US. Its headquarters are in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, founded in 1999. The carrier operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator since it lacks its own network towers. Despite this, Airvoice Wireless provides its subscribers with various low-cost prepaid plans.

Airvoice Wireless can opt to pay-as-go for the prepaid plans, and they will be charged a fixed cost per unit usage. The carrier provides cellular phone service and various quality phones, which you can check out on its online store. However, you can switch with your current phone via the BYOP plan, although you must ensure it meets the required standard, especially if it is an old model.

The carrier’s network is more reliable as it is widespread. You can check if it is available in your area by visiting the carrier’s online store and zooming in on your location or entering your area’s ZIP code in the search box. Notably, joining Airvoice Wireless is very easy for any interested resident.

What network does Airvoice Wireless use?

Airvoice Wireless operates using AT&T cellular network, and hence it is reliant on the carrier to offer its services. Therefore, Airvoice Wireless is a GSM carrier, the network used by AT&T.

What Network Does Airvoice Wireless Use?

The GSM is a reliable network considering that most phone companies and mobile services providers worldwide use it. Airvoice Wireless customers hence get the same vast nationwide network coverage as AT&T since the latter is one of the major network providers in the US.

Hence, they experience a stable 4G LTE and the 5G network where it is available and to enabled devices. Notably, if AT%T towers reach your area, you can join and enjoy Airvoice Wireless services.

What phones are compatible with Airvoice Wireless?

As it is a GSM carrier, any phone that can work well with this network technology is compatible with Airvoice Wireless. Most apple iPhones like iPhone 12 series, 11, XR, and Android phones from brands like Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, Google Pixels, and LG are compatible with the Airvoice Wireless network. There is no need to mind about compatibility with the latest devices since most phone companies use GSM technology.

However, you need to confirm compatibility for older models before making a switch. You can visit the carrier’s official website with your IMEI number and enter it at the IMEI checker to confirm. If you want to purchase an Airvoice Wireless phone, you can buy directly from the online store or third-party retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Callingmart.

Is Airvoice Wireless a reliable carrier?

Considering the benefits that you get from joining Airvoice Wireless, we can conclude it is a suitable carrier. Some of the benefits are:

  • Wide network coverage
  • Flexible and affordable data plans
  • Easy to join
  • You can maintain your current phone and number
  • No contract plans

Bottom line

Airvoice Wireless is an American MVNO that offers affordable services to its customers. The carrier has several prepaid phone plans, quality phone deals, and excellent network coverage. It leases its services from the AT&T network, a major provider in the US. You require a compatible device with the carrier’s network to enjoy its services.